Updated 2019 NCAAB Championship Odds – March 20th Edition

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The Blue Devils opened with 11/5 odds on Selection Sunday, Gonzaga and North Carolina followed with 5/1 and 6/1 odds, respectively. For added perspective at how quickly the window can close, Last season’s champion, Villanova, is listed at 50/1 odds. Let’s check the current NCAAB Championship Odds.

Updated 2019 NCAAB Championship Odds – March 20th Edition

Duke had lost three of its final six regular season games without an injured Zion Williamson. But, the freshman star returned for the ACC Tournament and led his team to the postseason conference title. As much as we make this out to be a team sport and a tale of who gets hot at the right time, it still can be seriously dependent upon one superstar.

I think the trick here in predicting the winner is to get the final four nailed down. My picks here for the final four are as follows: Michigan, Kentucky, Duke, and Tennessee. These are teams that have shown they can succeed in the postseason. They also have high caliber coaching with regular season stretches under their belt. The bottom line for the teams that make it is that they have to string victories together. It cannot be a situation where you win 3 of 4 or 7 of 10, you must win each game to advance. These teams come in with odds that favor them, but also, they’re positions in the brackets allow for some favorable matchups.

Wolverines Scary

Michigan comes in at 20/1 odds. Because of the win in the Big Ten Tournament, according to the CBS March Madness selection show, Michigan State moved up a spot to the top 2-seed, while the loss pushed Michigan back as the final 2-seed. As a result, the Wolverines end up in a bracket with Gonzaga as the 1-seed, while MSU has the daunting task of potentially having to face overall No. 1 Duke to advance to the Final Four. This might have been a blessing for the Blue Nation.

Wildcats Tough Again

Kentucky enters the tournament with 12/1 odds. In its region, Kentucky has KenPom’s lowest-ranked No. 1 seed (North Carolina at No. 6), third-lowest No. 3 seed (Houston) and third-lowest No. 4 seed (Kansas). Now it does have the highest-ranked No. 6 seed (Iowa State) and No. 7 seed (Wofford), which is especially relevant because they’re both in the bottom half of the bracket along with the Wildcats.

With that said, I do think the key to stopping Kentucky is being able to shut it down in the paint. The Kentucky Wildcats have a remarkably low attempt rate at three pointers, probably due to the size they offer on the floor. They have three players on the court at over 6’8” nearly at all times.

Duke is the favor to win it all with the best odds at 11/5. Getting Zion Williamson back is the shot in the arm the Duke Blue Devils needed. He is their emotional leader and he brings an electricity to their team unlike any other player in the sport currently can provide. If they can avoid injuries and keep his integration into the offensive end growing week to week, they can be a force and live up to their top overall seed.

Volunteers Have a Chance

Tennessee enters the tournament with odds of 16/1. Grant Williams is a stud. Williams was SEC Player of the Year as a sophomore, which makes his rise during his junior season even more impressive. He has raised his numbers across the board this season, averaging 19.3 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 3.3 assists while taking his efficiency to new levels.

Everyone knows Tennessee has great forwards. The question for most of the season was their guard play. Jordan Bone has quieted those concerns by raising his game to a new level since the start of conference play, giving the Vols a third option to keep opposing defenses on their heels.