Top Betting Predictions for March Madness

Posted by Aaron . on March 7, 2016 in

After Cincinnati knocked off SMU in the AAC regular season finale, it looks more and more like they will have a March Madness spot even if they don’t win the conference tournament? Where? It looks like they will be shoehorned into the First Four as an 11-seed, along with fellow American Conference team Connecticut (although not against each other). Tulsa, also in the AAC, could face Connecticut in that First Four matchup. Is this fair? There are a lot of quality teams in the AAC, but they have not done well in nonconference play (except for SMU, but the Mustangs are ineligible for the postseason). But frankly, I don’t get a Texas sitting with a 6-seed and a team like Connecticut having to play their way in as an 11-seed. I also don’t see Texas Tech getting a 7-seed and Syracuse getting a 10-seed when Connecticut and Cincinnati have to face the play-in — but these are all NCAAB betting predictions so far.

Top Betting Predictions for March Madness



Some of the other big predictions include a date between Baylor (6) and St. Mary’s (11). This is definitely a game that the Bears could lose, given their inconsistent offense. The Saint Joseph’s (9) – Wisconsin (8) predicted bout would be an interesting one too. I think St. Joe’s might be a little underseeded here. While the Badgers have put on a decent run after the resignation of venerable coach Bo Ryan, they could be headed for a first-round exit here.

Does Kentucky deserve a 5-seed? They have laid some real eggs on the road (Tennessee, Vanderbit most of all) and have not been consistent at all on defense. This prediction seems to me to be a bit based on their reputation rather than their performance. They’re an odd team, though. I could see them winning it all — or losing in the second round. You just don’t know which team you’re going to get away from home.

Do Kansas and Oklahoma both deserve 1-seeds? I say yes for Kansas, but I don’t think Oklahoma has outplayed Xavier this year, pound for pound, and yet the Musketeers are sitting with a 2-seed in a lot of predictions. Why would Kansas and Oklahoma both get 1-seeds but the ACC winner not get one? Even if UNC comes out of the ACC tournament with a victory, they wouldn’t get a top seed? Oklahoma’s inconsistency seems to make that a poor decision.

Why is Temple a 10-seed? That American conference (SMU, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Tulsa) is tough, but none of those teams can rate higher than a 10-seed? Again, that just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. You’re really going to seed Oregon State (9) higher than an entire conference? There seems to be a lot of bias at work in this bracket that doesn’t have a lot to do with RPI.