Texas Tech vs Michigan State March Madness Odds & Expert Prediction

Posted by Aaron . on April 2, 2019 in

If you want the wonderful anarchy of a crazy and unpredictable first weekend, you might have to settle for later rounds with more than their share of lopsided matchups and consequent blowouts. In turn, a by-the-numbers opening weekend by all rights ought to lead to the best basketball of the season, as 16 superior teams scrap against one another for a national championship.

Michigan State comes in as the NCAAB Betting favorite against Texas Tech. Let’s take a look while making some predictions.

Texas Tech vs Michigan State March Madness Odds & Expert Prediction

Spartans Looking to Continue Rolling

With this year’s Final Four field set after second-seeded Michigan State’s 1-point victory over the top overall seed, Duke, on Sunday, the second part of that bargain has been consummated. After one of the two chalkiest first and second rounds ever, the regionals produced the best second weekend of the N.C.A.A. tournament in 20 years and potentially set up two or three more great games.

Of the Final Four teams, only Michigan State counts among the half-dozen biggest names in the college game, but do not let that fool you. If all these programs do not have the same pedigree, all these individual teams belong.

It is no coincidence that Kentucky and Duke were eliminated this past weekend. Both teams have probably better talent level, but they lacked experience. This tournament may be shifting back to the more powerful presence of discipline and experience rather than raw talent and athleticism.

On the Bench for Texas Tech vs Michigan State

Texas Tech and Michigan State both epitomize that coaching is still important. These more blue-collar programs are what most people want to see, but I hesitate to wish for a defensive struggle. Basketball is best when there is scoring involved and is most compelling when the scoring is in dramatic fashion.

Izzo coaches his players harder than most and always seems to find himself in a better position than we expect for him when the season is over, but he will be heading into a brick wall in this defensively driven, Red Raider team on Sunday. Michigan State had the most assists in the country.

Also, the Spartans point guard, Cassius Winston is one of the smoothest and smartest players in college basketball, and we’d be lucky to watch him work against that superior defense. Besides overwhelming defense, Texas Tech boasts the tournament’s most talented remaining player. Sophomore guard Jarrett Culver has a shot at being a Top 3 pick in this year’s NBA draft.

Final Prediction for Texas Tech vs Michigan State

I can’t help but pick Izzo in this matchup. The Red Raiders have a great team and a terrific stud leading the way, but I think the coach that has been there time and time again will find a way to get the job done again.

I’ll take Tom Izzo vs. the field 9 times out of 10, especially when he seems to have something special happening on the court once again. His team is rarely the most athletic, biggest, or fastest, but they usually are the most cohesive. They work together better than most and for that, I’ll take them to win it by a score of 65 – 62.