Duke has all the chops to stage a come back and win the College Championship.

Safe Bets To Win The 2016 College Hoops National Championship

Written by on February 3, 2016

Given how crazy the NCAA tournament can be, you might think that the idea of a “safe” bet to win the college title is a myth. However, if you look at the list of winners from the last decade or so, you’ll see that it’s generally one of the safer choices that ends up making it all the way. It’s true that some of the other “safe” choices end up falling by the wayside early on, and this is a year when we really don’t have a dominant team at the top. However, there are some things to consider as you look at some of the teams that are as close to a “sure thing” as we’ll have in the NCAA tournament this year. With March Madness getting closer and closer keep up with our online sportsbook odds for the remainder of the NCAA basketball season.

Oklahoma The Best NCAAB Bet Right Now (13/2)

There have been years when the Big 12 featured Kansas, Texas and maybe Iowa State as the most competitive basketball teams, and the rest of the conference was fairly soft. After all, many of the schools in the Big 12 are firmly lodged in football country, and the basketball programs were an afterthought. However, not only has Oklahoma emerged as a power in this conference, but you also have Kansas — and Iowa State, Baylor, and Oklahoma State as legitimate threats. Texas is still in a rebuilding phase, but Shaka Smart already transformed VCU and has made strides to build an elite program in Austin (after all, they already knocked off North Carolina this year). So if OU can emerge as the Big 12 champ, or even the runner-up, they will be poised for a deep run in the tournament. They have the athletes and the scheme to compete with anyone in the nation; it will be interesting to see how they play in their first year as massive favorites on the biggest stage, though.

Iowa (12/1)

This is a tempting pick, given their dominance to this point in Big Ten play. It will be interesting to see how they fare as they work their way through the second half of the conference schedule, as this is a conference that tends to feed upon one another. Maryland has emerged as a power, and there are the traditional land mines awaiting any team that thinks they can dominate the conference — Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue and Michigan, and that doesn’t even count schools like Minnesota who don’t tend to win the conference but can grab a home win if you’re not paying close attention. So if Iowa can keep playing well in the Big Ten and emerge atop the conference, I would like their chances to go a long way in March.

Duke (10/1)

How much of the hype around Duke has to do with name recognition, and how much has to do with how good they really are today? They’ve been bouncing around the bottom half of the AP rankings lately, as they don’t seem to have what it takes to go deep in the tournament as the ACC schedule winds down and they enter the conference tournament, which will be a real gauntlet this year.