NCAAB Round of 64 Underdog Picks

Posted by Aaron . on March 14, 2016 in

One of the most exciting parts of picking the NCAA bracket each year is figuring out which teams are going to pull off the upsets — and which teams won’t. When you have a tournament of this size — particularly in a year when there are not dominant teams in the men’s basketball ranks — the upsets will run rampant, so if you can pick some, you can make some big money. Let’s take a look at some of the most likely upsets in this year’s college basketball betting bracket.

NCAAB Round of 64 Underdog Picks



South Bracket

#9 Connecticut over #8 Colorado

I talked about this in an earlier article, but I will tell you that I think the Pac-12 got too many teams in (I see Colorado as a First Four team or a high seed in the NIT), and I think the AAC has been underrated. So this 9-over-8 win really isn’t much of an upset at all.

#10 Temple over #7 Iowa

Iowa has been losing big games for over a month now, particularly away from home. Temple sealed the AAC regular-season championship, starting with giving SMU the Mustangs’ first loss of the season and then staying ahead of them in conference play the rest of the way. Cincinnati, Connecticut and Tulsa were other land mines waiting in Temple’s path, but the Owls took care of business.

East Bracket

This is a difficult gauntlet of teams, and frankly, I like all of the top seven seeds to do well, which means that I don’t see many upsets brewing. I like the idea of #14 Stephen F. Austin pulling off another first-round miracle, but I think that their opponent (#3 West Virginia) is just too heavily loaded for that to happen. I also think that #9 Providence could knock off #8 USC, but I think the Trojans are just a little too strong.

Midwest Bracket

#10 Syracuse over #7 Dayton

A lot of people don’t think the Orange should have even made the tournament, but I wasn’t all that impressed by Dayton down the stretch either, and Syracuse did knock off some big ACC foes. Not many teams run that 2-3 zone that has always been a hallmark for Jim Boeheim’s teams, and I could see Syracuse continuing that second-half flurry that delivered them from the depths of the standings.

West Bracket

#10 VCU over #7 Oregon State

I’m of the mind that Oregon State is one of those Pac-12 teams that got overvalued by the committee, at the expense of some of the quality mid-major teams. In all actuality, I think the two seedings on this game should be reversed — which means that I think VCU should win.

#12 Yale over #5 Baylor

Yale has been scaring teams all year long in non-conference play and then ran the table in the Ivy League title game. Baylor has been a tough team all year but showed a willingness to give up big games at the wrong time. I could see Yale shocking Baylor — and then perhaps even shocking Duke.