Handicapping Tips for the 2019 College Basketball Championship

Posted by Aaron . on February 12, 2019 in

In the most basic form, handicapping sports is assigning an advantage to two teams or participants in a sporting event. Sportsbooks, when they set odds, are handicapping the game. The goal as a sports bettor is to try and spot inefficiencies in the odds. The ultimate goal as a sports handicapper is to profit off these inefficiencies. Breaking down games and understanding the teams and players is a must when handicapping the 2019 college basketball championship.

There are so many teams and players when betting college hoops that it takes a considerable amount of time to get information or know-how on anything but the top teams. That ties into some basic mistakes bettors make when handicapping.

Handicapping Tips for the 2019 College Basketball Championship

One and Done

One challenge with college basketball is that the sport’s biggest tournament is a single elimination format, in which nearly anything CAN happen. Betting is all about what is most PROBABLE to happen though. Too many bettors also make fundamental mistakes when betting sports in general. They’re not paying attention to line movement, probabilities, or any other aspects that are important to make profitable bets. It’s a must to avoid these pitfalls.

Not only is important to change your habits when it comes to betting NCAA basketball, but it’s also vital to avoid the significant downfalls that cause sports bettors to lose when they bet college hoops. The three mistakes you must avoid when handicapping college basketball are betting too many games without proper knowledge of each, narrowing in and getting too close to a particular team, player, or coach, and finally, failing to line shop.

Different Beast

Betting NCAA basketball is not unlike other sports. If you do your homework and are prepared, you will likely do well. Similar to business if you try to do too many things and spread yourself too thin, you become a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Where is the true value if you take unnecessary risks due to lack of knowledge? Betting is the same. If you make ill-informed bets, it will cost you. One sure way to do just that is to overextend yourself and bet on too many games.

The habit that most fall into is that they bet on too many games based on how the teams historically play, the players they remember from the season openers or the game they went to in person where so and so wiped the floor with the team they will play in the tournament. They fail to see that one of the key players was injured in that game or that the guard from last year graduated or that the coach was fired, suspended, or is out on leave. It sounds careless, but things like this happen and it costs bettors real money.

Another thing that can cost bettors is to get too much knowledge of a team. Biases tend to form around a team that you know too much about. If you have been watching every Michigan Wolverine game this season, you probably overvalue them because you have seen their every move, tending to give them a slight nudge in the betting line in your eyes. Don’t get too close.

Know What You are Doing

The last thing is utter ignorance to the information out there. Sports betting lines move and they move for a variety of reasons. Injuries, weather, external conditions like conference landscape or what exactly the teams are playing for can change the betting line. Failing to pay attention to that line will give false confidence in your bet.