Five Bold Predictions for 2019 March Madness

Posted by Aaron . on March 1, 2019 in

Here is our look at some of the top predictions we like for the 2019 March Madness. Be sure to check the latest NCAAB Odds.

Five Bold Predictions for 2019 March Madness

Michigan will get into the Final Four

There’s something about this team that I absolutely love. They have chemistry, they have diversity in their offense and they hustle. Man, do they hustle. Every play, every rebound, every pass is with the very best of effort. Their coach is one of the best around at teaching and enforcing the fundamentals. The Wolverines may not even be the best in their conference, but I think they will get hot when it means the most and take over the tournament.

Villanova Will Fail to Reach the Sweet 16

Villanova has looked mediocre at times this season. I think they are still one of the very best coached teams in the country, but they lack the depth that they have had in recent years. I think that losing so much on-the-court leadership has also hurt them much more than some anticipated. Collectively, these things, I believe, will cost them a real chance at making a splash this year, proving to Jay Wright that he might have been better off jumping to the NBA after all.

Tennessee Will Fail to make it Past the Second Round

I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid here. I think the Volunteers are athletic, quick, and talented, but something tells me they are going to get complacent in the tournament. Some team will catch fire and run the team out. I just have a feeling and these are supposed to be bold, right? Well, I think that, arguably, the best team in the country will fail to really make an impact in the tournament, except for cost a lot of bettors their chances at a solid bracket.

Duke Will Fall to a Much Lower Seed

Duke has had a strong awakening in the time it has spent without Zion Williamson. They have adjusted and won without him at times, but for the majority, the team looks a bit lost without its energy man and most valuable player. Williamson’s future for the tournament remains unclear, but even if he plays, I don’t believe that he will be unchanged and back to full strength.

Duke is one of the favorites for the 2019 March Madness.

They have had all season to tweak their style to best utilize his talents and now they are missing the spokes to the wheel. I think they will make it past their first-round matchup, likely with a 13 seed or lower, then after advancing, they will fall to an 8 or 9 seed, which is newsworthy since we are talking about the Duke Blue Devils here after all.

A Big Ten Team will Win it All

My money is on Michigan, Michigan State or Purdue to handle their competition in this tournament. Perennial teams like Gonzaga, Villanova, North Carolina, and even Duke all seem to smell of disappointment in the tournament. Michigan’s style and rhythm have been in sync nearly all season long.

They have not had too many issues with injuries and if they can continue to roll with those good graces, they should be quite a handful for the opposition. With that said, teams like Michigan State and Purdue can be equally dangerous if they get hot when it counts. Good luck for teams that have to face these three. That’s also not mentioning teams like Wisconsin, Maryland, and Iowa which I think will also be punching their tickets for the big dance. That leaves pretty good odds in my opinion.

We love the 2019 March Madness! Good luck!