NCAAB Round of 64 Upset Picks

Posted by Aaron . on March 15, 2016 in

Let’s look at some of the possible upsets in the NCAA bracket’s round of 64 teams. Some are more likely than others, of course, and whenever you have a collection of young men between the ages of 18 and 22 contending under such high pressure, you simply never know what is going to happen. Let’s take a look at some of the (more) likely NCAAB online betting upsets.

NCAAB Round of 64 Upset Picks



North Carolina

Yes, they’re the first seed in the East bracket. But let’s be honest — this is by far the hardest bracket of the four. There are no soft teams in the top 8 seeds, and none of the other brackets can say that (yes, Colorado, we’re thinking about you). But North Carolina might not even make it out of the first weekend.

Do I think that the winner of Florida Gulf Coast University and Fairleigh Dickinson will knock off the mighty Tar Heels? No — unless you compare the number of legitimate classes on the transcripts of the players (I know, I know, the NCAA will eventually rule on the North Carolina academic fraud case. Kind of like we’ll find out what really happened to John F. Kennedy and the NFL will stop appealing DeflateGate. Right). However, the USC-Providence winner could give North Carolina trouble. Providence was a solid Big East team, and USC is a Pac-12 team with a lot more chops than their Buffalo counterparts.


I know — Syracuse could flame out early in the first half in this first-round matchup. But I don’t think they will. When Coach Boeheim returned from that poorly managed NCAA suspension, the team lit up. They weren’t able to maintain the momentum throughout the ACC gauntlet, but can anyone really tell me why Dayton is a 7-seed again? I like the Orange to win this one.

St. Joe’s

There are some people who see the Hawks going several rounds into this tournament. I tend to think that Cincinnati will make short work of them. They are monsters on the boards, which means that St. Joe’s will have to slow down their transition a bit to make sure they don’t get used on the offensive glass. Their offense can be balky, but their defense can turn into a giant hole of quicksand to suck the momentum out of the other team.

Vanderbilt or Wichita State

This business of having good teams that didn’t win their conference play in for a spot in the field of 64 is frustrating, but it is also a part of dealing with a system in which every conference champion gets a guaranteed spot — which is an important part of keeping the tournament egalitarian. Whichever of these teams emerges from Dayton should be able to give Arizona a run for their money. It’s not like the Wildcats were dominant in Pac-12 play, and Vanderbilt and Wichita State have made a career in recent seasons of surprising ostensibly better opposition.