NCAAB’s Best Bet The Over Teams

Posted by Aaron . on February 5, 2016 in

The NCAA produces really uneven play year in and year out, in large part because of the sheer youth of the teams, but also because a lot of the best players will only stick with a team for one season before heading to the NBA draft. So when it comes to taking the “over” with some of these teams, the ones who consistently make it “over” the total aren’t usually the ones who are making it to March Madness, because of the importance that strong defense plays in those games. So let’s take a look at some of the teams who are doing the best in going over that point total this season. Also, find some time to check our NCAA Basketball Betting Lines to start making your plays.

NCAAB’s Best Bet The Over Teams

Rice Owls (13-4-0, over 76.5%, avg result +7.3 ppg)

Here’s how you read this — Rice has played 17 games and gone over in 13 of them — 76.5% of the time. On the average, their games go over the total by 7.3 points. So whether you read this as shoddy defense by the Owls (they are not one of the elite teams on offense, by far) this is a team that has a fairly regular record of going over that total.

How does the total work? Let’s say the over/under total game for a game is 150 points. If Rice wins 75-72, that’s a total of 147 points (so the game is “under”). However, if Rice wins the game 80-75, the total is 155 points (the same goes if Rice loses 80-75, as you are betting on the point total of the two teams rather than on the outcome of the game in terms of combined points.

Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-4-1, over 76.5%, avg result +3.9 ppg)

This could have a lot to do with the Cornhuskers’ membership in the Big Ten — and the high caliber of the schools they’ve been playing. However, Nebraska does have a couple of signature conference wins this year, but by and large they are on the bottom and looking up, particularly when it comes to contending for a spot in the NCAA. If they are playing a better team in the standings though, consider taking the over on the contest.

Michigan (14-7-0, over 66.7%, avg result +3.1 ppg)

Michigan isn’t far from being in the conversation for the Big Ten title, so this team is peaking at about the right time. As they prepare for Michigan State on Saturday, the question is whether they can keep the offense flowing. It looked clogged up in an early-season loss at SMU, but the game against Michigan State will tell us more about the Wolverines’ ability to make it on the big stage. Whether it’s a hot offense or a cold defense (and some nights it’s been both), the Wolverines have been ending up over the total in most of their games.