Vilanova can win at home and away, easily.

NCAAB’s Best Away Teams To Bet On

Written by on February 6, 2016

In college basketball, it’s one thing to pile up wins at home. After all, you have a rowdy student body filling the seats, you don’t have to travel anywhere except out the door of your athletic dorm and down to the field house for the game. Teams that can play well on the road, though, have an added level of determination that will serve them well in the conference tournaments and (if they make it) in the NCAAs. Let’s look at some of the best road bets to take into account when placing your wagers in NCAA men’s basketball.

Which NCAAB Teams Are The Best Bets Playing on the Road

SMU (5-2)

The Mustangs did not lose a single game until their 19th, when they lost at Temple in a game that was postponed a day because of snow — and featured a Mustang team that decided not to guard the three-point shot. They fell a few games later in Houston, victims of superior rebounding and hustle. On the whole, though, the Mustangs have been a solid bet all season long, winning at Indiana in non conference play.

St. Joseph’s (7-0)

St. Joe’s is the only undefeated road team left in the nation, so you have to take them seriously. They beat the spread by an average of 7.7 points in their road games, so if they’re playing in another team’s gym that is in their competitive range in conference play, you have to consider taking them to cover, if not to win outright.

Villanova (6-1)

Villanova beats the spread by an average of 2.6 points per game when they are on the road, and their gritty play all season long is why they are in the AP’s top 10 and a virtual lock for a high seed in the NCAA tournament. They play a consistent brand of ball, whether they are at home or away.

Oklahoma (5-2)

OU only beats the spread by an average of 0.6 points per game when they are on the road, but they have held on to the top ranking in the AP polls because of their ability to grind out difficult wins. I wouldn’t pick them to win at Kansas, but I would pick them in pretty much any other gym in the Big 12.

West Virginia (5-2)

The Mountaineers are usually infamous because of their ability to run teams out of their own gym but then to run out of that Mountaineer Magic when they come down out of the hills to hit opposing gyms. This year, Bob Huggins has a team of full-court press marauders like what he used to put on the court at Cincinnati, and the results are speaking for themselves, both at home and away.

Navy (9-2)

The Midshipmen not only fielded a tough football team this year but also have a strong basketball squad, surprising the sportswriters with their performances away from Annapolis. While they are not as good as the cream of the crop, if they are playing at a team that is near them in the RPI rankings, I would pick Navy to swipe in and steal a victory.