Bet on the Texas A&M Aggies vs Arkansas Razorbacks Match

Posted by Aaron . on January 27, 2016 in

This Wednesday, the Aggies of Texas A&M head north into Barnhill Arena, one of the most notorious gyms in the NCAA, to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in an SEC basketball matchup. The Aggies are ranked #5 in the nation, while the Razorbacks are unranked. Let’s take a look at this matchup, and also don’t forget to check our NCAAB betting lines!

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Why should the Arkansas Razorbacks be your betting pick?

The Aggies did beat Missouri at home on Saturday, but they scored the fewest points of the year at home (in 12 contests). The Aggies were settling on jump shots from the perimeter instead of playing to their strength, which is their inside game. Their shooting was good enough to hold off the Tigers, but the problem with living on outside shooting is that when your team goes cold, it’s hard to force yourself to pound the ball back inside, especially when you have a deficit and want to score quickly.

The Aggies will struggle if Tyler Davis can’t return to the lineup. He missed the Missouri game with an injury, and he is a key player on the inside, giving his team physicality in the rebounding game. He had been feasting on offensive boards all season long, and the Aggies did not have anyone to fill the gap. Without Davis, the Aggies could have real trouble at Arkansas.

Why should you bet on Texas A&M Aggies?

The Aggies might struggle if Tyler Davis, one of their key players, doesn't heal in time.
Arkansas comes home after a tough overtime loss at Georgia (76-73). J.J. Frazier was the difference for the Bulldogs, pouring in 26 points including the basket that tied the game near the end of regulation. Yante Maten added 17 points and 12 boards for Georgia, and Kenny Gaines put in 16 also. The way that Maten was able to dominate the inside against Arkansas should give the Aggie faithful some hope, as Arkansas does not have the big bangers that Missouri had. So even if Davis remains out, or if he plays at partial strength, the team should have more luck against Arkansas than they did against Missouri.

One underrated element about Texas A&M has been their commitment to staying with one philosophy. There were calls for AD Eric Hyman to send coach Billy Kennedy packing after the Aggies missed four straight NCAA tournaments. Now that Kennedy has the Aggies up near the top of the polls, Hyman is looking like a genius for sticking with Kennedy’s program and philosophy.

Expert Pick and Final Score Prediction

Texas A&M has worked their way to the #5 rank in the nation by winning tough games and grinding their way through tough situations. They found a way to win against Missouri without one of the best contributors, and Arkansas (9-10, 3-4 SEC) is in the lower tier of the conference. I like Texas A&M to take care of business and win, 72-66. I also like them to end up as a #2 or #3 seed when the NCAA brackets come out. It would not surprise me at all to see them emerge as SEC champions when the tournament gets underway late next month.