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Winning SU NBA Picks for this Weekend

Written by on February 17, 2016

Looking for some straight up picks from the Association to boost your account? Let’s take a look at some of the likelier nba betting winners without a line.

Best Winning SU NBA Picks for this Weekend

Friday: Philadelphia at New Orleans

The Sixers have only won eight games all season. To be sure, New Orleans hasn’t been the most solid team either. However, they have been more reliable lately as the core around Anthony Davis has gotten stronger. Philadelphia, on the other hand, remains in their endless rebuilding program and are only winning when other teams fall asleep. The Pelicans won’t fall asleep.

Friday: Golden State at Portland

My rule about Golden State: I pick them straight up every night unless they’re at San Antonio — and even there they won by 30. Obviously, you’ll want to check injury reports before posting your bet, but as well as Damian Lillard is playing, the Warriors are on another planet.

Friday: San Antonio at L.A. Lakers

Now the Spurs play Thursday night against the Clippers, so they could rest their starters in this one. You’ll want to check the news on this before placing your bet. I would take the Spurs straight up against this Lakers team anyway, but they wouldn’t be on my hottest picks article.

Sunday: L.A. Lakers at Chicago

Chicago is scuffling around the .500 mark, but the rise of Jimmy Butler makes them a lot more exciting than the rise of D’Angelo Russell is making the Lakers, at least to this point. I don’t see the Lakers surprising anybody in this game.

Sunday: Memphis at Toronto

Memphis is underperforming this year, and the Raptors are turning Toronto into much, much more than the home of the American League East champion Toronto Blue Jays. Their arena is a tough place to play as it is, and the Raptors have a salty roster this year.

Sunday: Philadelphia at Dallas

See what I said about the Sixers-Pelicans game above. And Dallas is better than New Orleans.

Sunday: Boston at Denver

The Celtics have been pouring on the offense unlike your prototypical East team this year. Normally, I don’t like to pick Eastern Conference teams in high-altitude cities like Denver or Salt Lake City because the thin air makes things more difficult for the visiting team to get on track. However, Boston is playing well enough for me to feel comfortable with this pick.

Sunday: Cleveland at Oklahoma City

The Thunder are winning at an elite level, not quite up there with the Warriors and Spurs yet, but Durant and Westbrook are shooting lights out, and the team is winning games right and left. Cleveland is still figuring out their identity a little bit, having undergone a fairly surprising coaching change. I like the Thunder to win this game at home.

Sunday: Charlotte at Brooklyn

You have a team hovering at the edge of the East playoff race and a team scheming for a place in the lottery. That’s why I like the Hornets to take care of business in Brooklyn on Sunday.