Updated NBA Championship Odds

Posted by Aaron . on May 16, 2016 in

And then there were four. A couple weeks ago, 16 teams were left standing in the chase for the Larry O’Brien Trophy that comes with the NBA championship each year. Now, only Oklahoma City and Golden State remain in the Western Conference, while Cleveland and Toronto remain in the East. Let’s look at some betting lines and predictions for each of these squads.

Updated NBA Championship Odds



Golden State 2-3

They won 73 games in the regular season, and now that Stephen Curry appears to be back and healthy after his MCL sprain, the Warriors have to be the prohibitive favorites. They faced a hungry Portland team in five close games, and they won four of them, despite the fact that Curry was missing for three of them. They were a lot better than Houston, and their only loss in that series came with Curry on the bench with a sprained ankle. Every time they get pushed, they push back harder.

Cleveland 5-2

The Raptors have had to play 14 games in the postseason already, while the Cavaliers have only had to play eight. The Raptors have had to go through two draining series against the Pacers and then the Heat, while the Cavaliers swept the Pistons and the Hawks with ease. It’s not just LeBron playing well this year; it’s Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love picking up the slack whenever James has cooled off. This team has not yet faced solid competition in the postseason.

Toronto 4-1

The Raptors are going to be the best defensive team that the Cavaliers have faced in the playoffs — and they might be the best defensive team in the NBA. When they get timely performances from DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry (who put up 35 in the Raptors’ Game 7 rout of the Heat), then their mastery of both ends of the floor makes them really difficult to stop. Will DeRozan and Lowry be consistent enough to outduel the triumvirate in Cleveland? After that, will they be able to outscore Thompson and Curry?

Oklahoma City 6-1

Very few people expected the Oklahoma City Thunder still to be around at this point, but here they are. All of a sudden, a terrific offensive team, keyed by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, has figured out how to get key stops in important situations, and they have figured out how to use Steven Adams and Enes Kanter to manage the boards. Making their game multidimensional has made the Thunder a really scary team in the West. Of the four teams remaining, there are no Cinderellas, and there are no surprises.