NBA Total Win/Loss Bets You Can Still Make this Season

Posted by Aaron . on March 5, 2019 in

Well, the NBA season is drawing to a close soon and those of you that may have missed the beginning of the season, when win/loss predictions came out, here’s a bit of a refresher for all you pro-basketball Betting enthusiasts.

NBA Total Win/Loss Bets You Can Still Make this Season

In the NBA, the Bucks were predicted to win 48.5 games, the Raptors at 56 games, and the Warriors at an astounding 62 games. The Nuggets were predicted to win 48, the Pacers at 48 also, and the 76ers to win 53.5 games. The Thunder were predicted to win 48.5 games, the Blazers were thought to have a shot to win 42.5 games, and the Celtics were pinned at 59. The Rockets were slotted at 56.5 games, the Clippers at 37.5, and Utah at 50.5 games.

The Spurs were predicted to win 42.5 games, the Nets at 32.5 games, and the Pistons at 38.5. The Kings, Lakers, and Magic were all predicted to win 25.5, 48, and 30.5 respectively. The Hornets came in at 36 wins, the Timberwolves at 42, and the Pelicans at 45. The Heat came in with a predicted 43.5 wins, the Mavericks at 36, the Wizards at 46, and the Grizzlies were predicted to win 33.5 games this season. To round it out, the Hawks, Bulls, Cavaliers, Knicks, and Suns were all picked to win 23.5,30,31.5,27.5, and 29 games respectively in 2019.

Out for the Season

Now that you are familiar with the predictions for your favorite teams, here’s a look at who is mathematically eliminated from reaching their predictive totals. The Celtics, Rockets, and Wizards are the only three teams technically eliminated from reaching their predictive targets. There simply aren’t enough games left in the season for these teams, however, two of these teams would still play in the postseason if their trends continue. Only the Wizards are likely looking in from the outside after having a disappointing season.

The Jazz are a dark horse to win the NBA Championship.

Although they are technically not counted out, both the Lakers and the Warriors will need to win all remaining games to hit their mark. The Jazz is also not very likely to hit their mark as they have to win all but 3 that remain on their schedule. Also, the Pelicans and Suns are all but counted out for their win totals as they each can only afford to lose two of their remaining games to hang on. The Cavs are right there in the discussion as well with only a 3 game cushion acting as their thread they are hanging by.

And the Rest

Although the remainder of the teams is in good shape to hit their win total, by the math, on average only half of the league will hit their totals. Because there is likely to be a winner and loser in each game played, it is highly unlikely that we see perfect scenarios down the stretch for each team. I would take a stab to say that the Clippers, Hawks, and Nets will get there while the Bulls, Heat, Timberwolves, and Knicks will not.