The playoff races are heating up in both of the conferences.

Top NBA Betting Games Of the Week

Written by on February 9, 2016

As we approach the NBA All-Star weekend, let’s look at some of the top online bets for you to consider in the days leading up to the game. The playoff races are heating up in both of the conferences, but even as the standings tighten you have some picks that give you a better chance to add to your sports account totals.

Top Games For the Week in NBA

Toronto at Minnesota (Wednesday)

The Raptors are solidifying their position as one of the contenders in the East — it will be more difficult for Cleveland to skate through the postseason this year, as there are four or five teams in the conference that could push them to six or seven games. The Timberwolves are a young and exciting team to watch, with potential Rookie of the Year Karl-Anthony Towns — but they will be no match for the Raptors. As long as the line is under six or seven points, I would take the Raptors on the road here.

Golden State at Phoenix (Wednesday)

Here’s the rule with Golden State — you can almost always count on the over to come through, and you know that the odds of them winning yet again are considerable. Phoenix is in even more trouble than the average team in this situation, because their offense is having problems, but their defense is in a shambles. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Warriors hit 130 in this game, which means that the Suns can pretty easily get to 100 or more without the Warriors paying a lot of attention on defense.

Houston at Portland (Wednesday)

The Trail Blazers are below the Rockets in the standings, but the return of Damian Lillard has the Trail Blazers rapidly climbing the Western Conference standings, while the Rockets are still middling around .500 and haven’t figured out the mysteries associated with solid team defense, even though they’ve already had to jettison one head coach and are headed in a much different direction from the Western Conference Finals, where they ended up last season. I’d take the Trail Blazers to win in this one, as long as the spread is not greater than eight or ten.

New Orleans at Oklahoma City (Thursday)

I would give the over serious consideration in this one, as the Thunder have been turning their games into track meets lately. New Orleans has been struggling mightily on both ends of the floor, so as long as the line isn’t more than eight or ten on this game, I would take Oklahoma City to win as well. Either way, I don’t see this being a productive night for the Pelicans.

Washington at Milwaukee (Thursday)

The Wizards are still struggling to make their way as contenders in the East, as they would like to be more than pests who push teams to six or seven games in the first round of the playoffs. The Bucks have not been playing well this year, so look for the Wizards to take out some of their frustrations at losing to teams above them on Milwaukee. Even though the Wizards are on the road, I would pick them to win this one.