Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week – April 9th Edition

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The National Basketball Association is in its final week of the regular season. In fact, the final week is a half week. The regular season comes to a loss on Wednesday, with the postseason right around the corner. Let’s take a look at the Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week based on the latest odds for pro-basketball.

Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week – April 9th Edition

Denver Nuggets over Portland Trail Blazers – Monday

Portland is third in the Western Conference, while the Nuggets are 9th. The Nuggets need to grab a win and stay around in the postseason picture. Look for Denver, with their offense to take down a Portland team that really does not have a bunch to play for. Do not be surprised if this game turns into a blowout, as Denver is awfully good at home.

New Orleans Pelicans over Los Angeles Clippers – Monday

The New Orleans Pelicans need just one more win to seal their spot in the postseason. The Pelicans will not be an easy team to eliminate in the postseason with Anthony Davis, and solid guard play. Look for the Pelicans to take down the Pelicans, despite being on the road. The Clippers have been knocked out of the postseason race.

Philadelphia 76ers over Atlanta Hawks – Tuesday

The 76ers want to win and keep that third seed. The Sixers would get a first-round home series no matter what, but if they were able to match up against Cleveland in the Eastern Conference finals, they could have the home court advantage. The 76ers are absolutely on fire and should be able to go to Atlanta and take down the hapless Hawks.

Houston Rockets over Los Angeles Lakers – Tuesday

The Los Angeles Lakers are still playing hard, and Houston is due to take another night off, resting guys as the postseason approaches. Look for Luke Walton and his Lakers to give a solid effort at home, and take down the Rockets. A loss for Houston would not change anything on their season.

Oklahoma City Thunder over Memphis Grizzlies – Wednesday

At the start of the season – we thought this game on the final day of the regular season would be a good one. Now, we know it likely won’t be. The Oklahoma City Thunder should be able to run all over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Oklahoma City is on fire, which is why they should be one of your NBA Betting Picks of the Week.

The Thunder have way too much talent to even be in a battle with Memphis on Wednesday.

Minnesota Timberwolves over Denver Nuggets – Wednesday

This game could be for all the Western Conference postseason marbles. The winner gets in and the loser goes home. That would make things interesting on Wednesday night. If that was the case, look for an awesome game. Regardless, the Timberwolves need revenge on a Denver team that beat them last week.

The NBA should see a great week of games, and an awesome postseason. We are looking forward to the action on the hardwood this week, and the next couple months. We hope you enjoyed our look at the Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week. Best of luck with all your NBA Betting this week and into the postseason.

Eastern Conference Playoffs Picture

  • 1-Toronto Raptors
  • 2-Boston Celtics
  • 3-Philadelphia 76ers
  • 4-Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 5-Indiana Pacers
  • 6-Miami Heat
  • 7-Milwaukee Bucks
  • 8-Washington Wizards

Western Conference Playoffs Picture

  • 1-Houston Rockets
  • 2-Golden State Warriors
  • 3-Portland Trail Blazers
  • 4-Utah Jazz
  • 5-New Orleans Pelicans
  • 6-San Antonio Spurs
  • 7-Oklahoma City Thunder
  • 8-Minnesota Timberwolves