Three Must-Watch Friday NBA Betting Games

Posted by Aaron . on January 21, 2016 in

Even with the NFL’s conference championships set to kick off on Sunday, there is plenty of basketball action this weekend to entertain the viewing and NBA betting public. Let’s take a look at some of the most entertaining matchups to watch on Friday night.

Date: Friday, Jan. 22, 2016
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San Antonio at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm Eastern time)

Yes, the Lakers have been playing near the bottom of the standings for much of this season, as Kobe Bryant is playing out his swan song season and such younger players as DeAngelo Williams are finding their way under the “tough love” tutelage of Byron Scott, cobbling together a Laker future that looks bright in the midst of a rebuilding season. However, the Lakers have gone from being a one- or two-win like the Sixers to stringing together some more decent play. The Spurs are at the top of the league right now in terms of their play, particularly on defense. If you’re a fan of watching what the Lakers are going to be in a year or two, this is a good game for you to watch. Gregg Popovich is likely to rest some or all of his starters in this game, so you’ll want to review the news on game day to see what his projected roster is before you put down any money, but seeing how the young Lakers do against one of the best teams in the league will be entertaining.

Oklahoma City at Dallas (8:30pm Eastern time)

The OKC Thunder will try to stump the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow night.

This is a rematch of a whipping that the Thunder delivered to the Mavericks last week. However, in that game, the Mavericks were resting their starters on the heels of a big overtime win over the Boston Celtics. Mavericks shooting guard Wesley Matthews had become particularly irritated with head coach Rick Carlisle’s decision to rest him and the other starters in a game against one of the Western Conference’s best programs, but Carlisle was looking at the long term, hoping to keep his players healthy for the stretch run. Matthews is still recuperating from Achilles tendon surgery, Dirk Nowitzki is dealing with an accelerated NBA schedule in his late 30s (as is Deron Williams), and Chandler Parsons is still recovering from knee surgery, so Carlisle is pacing his group. This Friday night’s action should see the Mavericks at full strength against one of the most entertaining teams in the West as OKC comes to town.

Chicago at Boston (7:30pm Eastern time)

The Bulls just became the latest team fed into the Golden State grist mill, dropping a home game to the Warriors by 30 points on Wednesday night. However, the Bulls are one of the top contenders in the East this year, and the Celtics are a team that is climbing the standings and could be one of the big conversation pieces once the playoffs start, as they have turned an awful start into a decent season. Look for this to be one of those old-school Eastern Conference slugging matches, as defenses square off, the free throw lanes are places where layups only come at a high physical cost, and the Bulls eke out a close win at home in a game in which neither side sniffs 100 points.