Safe Bets To Win The 2016 NBA Championship

Posted by Aaron . on February 3, 2016 in

The 82-game NBA regular season is well past the halfway mark. As you start thinking about placing your bets on which team will host the Larry O’Brien Trophy as league champions, let’s look at some of the safer NBA online odds picks to finish the season strong and cruise to a title.

Who are the Best Bets To Win The 2016 NBA Championship

Golden State Warriors (3/2)

It’s hard to get much safer than a pick of the Warriors. After all, they are 44-4, on pace to beat the Chicago Bulls’ record of 72 wins in a regular season (and those Bulls cruised to the title that season). The only real blip in the Warriors’ season so far has been the time that Stephen Curry missed with a leg injury. The Warriors didn’t respond well to that at first, losing in Dallas by a huge margin. However, they figured things out and played reasonably well until their star returned. Barring injury, it’s hard to see how this team won’t make it all the way to the NBA Finals. To win the title, they’ll likely be taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers again — and it’s likely that the Cavs will be at full strength, just on the law of averages. The Warriors knocked off the Cavs when they were down to LeBron — how will they do against a full Cavs contingent?

San Antonio Spurs (9/5)

This is the other dominant team in the West right now. Yes, the Clippers and Thunder have gone on huge tears lately, but the Spurs have been even with the Warriors in terms of wins and losses since basically the third week of the season. The problem that the Spurs face is that 30-point shellacking they took on their home floor the last time Golden State came to town. They have real matchup problems against one of the most prolific offenses that the NBA has ever seen. However, if Golden State stumbles, Gregg Popovich’s crew has put together a dominant season of their own and is the likeliest replacement from the West.

Cleveland Cavaliers (3/1)

It’s hard to imagine a team atop their conference standings replacing their coach in the middle of the season. Yes, the Mavericks got rid of Avery Johnson after Johnson guided the 2011-12 Mavericks to the #1 seed in the West…but that was after the #8 seed Warriors bounced the Mavericks out of the playoffs in the first round. Last year, with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love out of the lineup, the Cavs still gave the Warriors trouble in the NBA Finals. I don’t see anyone else in the East staying with Cleveland in the playoffs, and I think that Cleveland will get to the Finals a lot more rested than even Golden State, because the West in the playoffs will produce a tougher collection of opponents. So even though the Warriors are posted at 3-2, I think the Cavs might be the safest pick on this list at 3-1, because I think they’ll be ready for redemption in the Finals — and they will have a lot fewer bruises at that point.