NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors Betting Overview

Posted by Aaron . on June 1, 2016 in

Before we get into some of the more intangibles in our online betting preview for the Golden State Warriors in these NBA Finals, let’s take a look at how the Warriors got here:

NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors Betting Overview

Round 1: Beat the Houston Rockets, 4-1
Round 2: Beat the Portland Trail Blazers, 4-1
Western Conference Finals: Beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, 4-3



The Warriors also won both of their meetings with the Cavaliers this season. On Christmas Day, the Warriors prevailed in a rare defensive duel at home, 89-83. On January 18, the Warriors put on a clinic and absolutely dismantled the Cavaliers on their own home court, 132-98.

While the Cavaliers are much improved on paper from last year, not the least because Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are healthy and can join LeBron James on the court, it’s hard to say that the Warriors aren’t a lot better too. Would last year’s Warriors have clawed out of a 3-1 hole against a team as dynamic and multidimensional as this year’s Oklahoma City team? Were Steph Curry and Klay Thompson this dominant from behind the arc last year? The two of them were instrumental in the Warriors’ nailing an NBA-record 90 shots from behind the arc in a seven-game series.

One could argue that the Warriors actually dodged a bullet in last year’s Western Conference playoffs. As the 1-seed, they got New Orleans first in an easy sweep. Then they had the Memphis Grizzlies, who were physical inside but did not pose the test that Portland did. Also, the San Antonio Spurs had been upset by the L.A. Clippers in the first round, and while the Houston Rockets were a 2-seed last year, they were not as tough as Oklahoma City was this year.

This year, the gauntlet was tougher once the Warriors got past the Rockets in the first round. Portland gave the Warriors all they wanted, particularly in the absence of Steph Curry (knee injury). Then came the Thunder, and the Warriors had to make a key defensive adjustment after Game 4, which allowed them to sweep the last three games (not to mention that dynamite shooting from Curry and Thompson).

Just like it was last year, the key matchup between Golden State and Cleveland could involve Andre Iguodala and LeBron James. Iguodala is the Warriors’ shutdown defender, and he just got finished spending seven games guarding the Thunder’s Kevin Durant. Last year, Iguodala won the NBA Finals MVP thanks in large part to the job he did guarding King James. If Iguodala can give James the fits that he did last year, that could cause a ripple effect among the Cavaliers. Last year, James didn’t have Irving and Love to pick up the slack when Iguodala shut him down, though, so the dynamic could be different.

Expert Pick and Final Series Prediction

A lot of people like the Cavaliers to get over the hump this season. However, the Warriors dispatched with Cleveland with relative ease during the regular season, and the Warriors just survived a huge test against the Thunder — an experience that the Cavaliers have not endured yet in this postseason. I’m predicting Golden State in six.