Milwaukee Bucks Analysis Before Restart

Posted by Aaron . on July 15, 2020 in

Life has been very good for the Milwaukee Bucks in the past few years. They ended a two-decade-long streak of not winning a playoff series last year, coming within two wins of the NBA Finals. And they have followed that up with a performance this year that has marked them as the team to beat. Let’s take a closer at this Milwaukee Buck’s team so you can make your bets against their NBA odds.

Milwaukee Bucks Analysis Before Restart

The Stars

There are two driving forces behind all of their success this year. All-Star wing Khris Middleton, and reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. And while people continue to struggle to spell Giannis’ last name, he continues to make sure they do remember how dominant he is. He has improved his numbers across the board, while playing fewer minutes.

He is averaging fewer than 30 minutes a night, but has managed to still average 30-13-6 per night, while making a career-high number of threes. He cannot be slowed.

And Khris Middleton has also continued his climb. He’s averaged 21-6-4, and is on pace to finish with the amazing 50-40-90 season. He can score from all over, is a tremendous defender, and a terrific passer too.

And let’s not forget All-NBA defender Eric Bledsoe, who is also averaging 15 points and five assists a night. This trio is fantastic.

The Role Players

The Bucks have a tremendous supporting cast surrounding their top guys. They have guys at all five positions that can stroke the three-ball. That starts with Brook Lopez, who despite a poor percentage this year, has supreme confidence in his shot. George Hill actually leads the league in 3-PT percentage this year.

They’ve also got Wes Matthews and Kyle Korver, who has made quite the sum for his ability to shoot the three. Matthews has proven that he isn’t completely washed up with his play. He had really struggled in Dallas and Indiana to make a positive difference.

And the two guys that really don’t get enough credit will get their due here. Pat Connaughton has fit in flawlessly with the bench unit over the past few years. His finishing ability has been impressive, along with his perimeter defense. And second-year man Donte DiVincenzo.

Donte has proven that he can score the ball at an effective clip, showing a few shades of what we saw from him during his March Madness run with Villanova. The 23-year-old remains a key to their success.

What They Need to Do to Win the Title

The recipe for winning it all is pretty simple for the Milwaukee Bucks. Just keep doing what you’re doing. They are entering the restart as the clear favorite to come out of the East. And as good as the Raptors still are, they don’t have Kawhi anymore to go toe-to-toe with Giannis.

They can out-three any team, and likely outscore them overall too. The Bucks have fantastic defenders at all five positions, plus 48 minutes of rim protection. The only weakness for them would be Giannis’ foul woes. At times, he gets himself into foul trouble by being a little too aggressive.

If he can stay on the floor for 35+ minutes a night and avoid foul trouble, it will be seriously difficult to beat the Bucks. They’re hungry after falling just short last year.