Midseason Betting Predictions for the 2018 NBA Championship

Posted by Derrick Harper on February 14, 2018 in

As the NBA All-Star break arrives, we reach the unofficial halfway point of the season. If you can do the math, you understand, the NBA is well over half, but it’s never too early to start placing future bets on who will win the Championship in 2018. Maybe you placed some future bets earlier in the season, but you can always add more. Let’s take a look at the Midseason Betting Predictions for the 2018 NBA Championship.

Midseason Betting Predictions for the 2018 NBA Championship


The Golden State Warriors are still the big favorites to win the 2018 NBA Championship. The Warriors have been up and down a little before the break, but have by far the most talent in the league.

Kevin Durant and Steph Curry cause all sorts of problems for opponents. The Warriors started the season -175, and are not even odds to win the title. They are ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets, who are both listed at +475 to win the title.


A good dark horse to win the NBA title is two-fold. We are giving you two bets here – one out of each league. In fact, the first one is leading the Eastern Conference at the break. The Toronto Raptors are listed +4000, and their odds have improved, as they were +3330 to start the season. Toronto has great guards.

Can they show up in the postseason is the big question. The second team is the Oklahoma City Thunder. At the beginning of the season the Thunder were +5000 – and now you can grab them at +2500. Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony? That’s a pretty good threesome. Look for Oklahoma City to make noise and be a dark horse bet to make.


If you are looking for an underdog to bet on to win the NBA Championship in 2018 we present you with the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers are listed at +10000, which is the same as the start of the season. There are several teams listed at +10000, but Philadelphia is the most talented. The Process is playing out with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons showing signs of complete domination. The 76ers are an interesting bet.

The Sixers are looking good as the Dark Horse to win the NBA Championship.

Place a little money on them, and watch it play out. If the 76ers are not your pick, the only other underdog we can consider is the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons have a chance in the East now with two legit threats in the paint. Blake Griffin coming over from the Clippers moved them from +12500 to +10000. The Pistons and 76ers are both teams that will fight tooth and nail to reach the postseason.

There is a look at our Midseason Betting predictions for the 2018 NBA Championship. We are expecting the season half of the season to be just as incredible as the first half of the season. Enjoy the rest of the season, and best of luck with all your NBA betting!