NBA Betting: Top Regular Season Players Analysis

Posted by Derrick Harper on March 16, 2021 in

There have been some incredible performances throughout this NBA season. Every night, several players are stepping up to show out and prove to the rest of the teams that they are the cream of the crop. Let’s talk about some of the players making noise right now so you can keep betting against their NBA odds.

Top NBA Players – Regular Season Update

Julius Randle

Who would have thought coming into this year that Julius Randle would be good enough to single-handedly close wins out for the Knicks? He made the All-Star Game and Skills Challenge, and has proven to be lethal as an isolation player. He has also been facilitating as well as any big man not named Draymond Green or Nikola Jokic in 2020-21.

Randle put up another triple-double in NY’s last win on Saturday, finishing with 26 points, 12 rebounds and also 12 assists. The team needed to figure out it’s attack and along with RJ Barrett who has continued to improve, it is clear Julius Randle is staking a claim as an elite hooper. A whole lot has to happen before he can be anywhere near the top 15-20, but he’s not too far behind. He can continue to move up.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

After posting his second consecutive triple-double in Milwaukee’s win over the Wizards, Giannis has shown that he is continuing to be dominant. Averaging 29-12-6-1.2-1.4, it’s truly a shame that he is unlikely to get much MVP consideration. If it was all about numbers, and team records + narratives weren’t in play, he’d have a chance.

Giannis has sort of flown under the radar, since the Bucks haven’t won as much as they did in the prior years. His numbers are either up or the same in mostly every area. And in the categories where he has fallen, it’s important to note that they were operating without a dynamic guard in the lineup for three weeks as Jrue Holiday was in health-and-safety protocol.

Don’t forget just how good the Greek Freak is.

Joel Embiid

Though he is currently hurt and could miss a lot of time, Joel Embiid had been continuing his strong play before the All-Star break. He had 42-13-6 against the Cavs on February 27, and 40 and 19 rebounds in a wild game against Utah on March 3, right before the break. When he returns, he’ll hope to keep his name in the MVP race.

Jimmy Butler

After a slow start to the year due to injuries, Miami has finally emerged as a legitimate team. And Jimmy Butler has a lot to do with that. He has scored 27+ points and dished out 8+ assists in the last six games he appeared in. He has been leading the team to victory after victory. Bam or not, that hasn’t stopped them.

For the year, Butler is averaging 21-7-8, and this might be his most impressive feat. The team has had to change so many things, but Butler is facilitating like we have never seen before. He loves being in Miami and playing on this team, and the recent production only further proves it.

Any team that has to face Miami in the next two months… good luck stopping Jimmy. He is etching his name into the MVP race. Game by game, he’s looking better and better.