Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week – February 18th Edition

Posted by Aaron . on February 18, 2019 in

The NBA All-Star game will keep teams from playing until late in the week, but there are some great games. Take a look at the top NBA Betting games for the week alongside the latest odds.

Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week – February 18th Edition

Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

In terms of league averages, the Lakers clearly have the upper hand in terms of rebounds per game at 47 compared to the Rockets at just under 42. It should be no surprise that the Lakers also have more assists per game at nearly 25 compared to Houston’s more isolation based offense producing an average of just 20.8. Turnovers per game is the one area that the Rockets are better than the Lakers, primarily due to the youth of Los Angeles.

This game will come down to the ability of the wings of Houston to score and the ability of the Lakers to rebound and spread the ball around. With that being said, the Lakers still have to outscore Harden and the Rockets. I predict Houston to get things done in this one and steal a road victory by a score of 114 – 108.

Sacramento Kings at Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors just continue to impress. Boogie Cousins showed he is well on his way to being back and better than ever. His presence was felt at the rim and the unique availability for a big man in that system will continue to showcase big time box scores. Getting lane penetration frees up their outstanding shooters in Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and vice versa. Their offense can hurt their opponent in so many ways.

They create a true mismatch at all positions because they have play makers that normally would be the number one priority to stop, except they have those players at all starting five positions. They also have immense versatility with players like Cousins, Durant, and Green. Each of those players can play multiple positions and with great success.

The Warriors should be one of your NBA Betting picks of the week.

The Kings, although they have some nice young players, just don’t have much veteran leadership. Bottom line, I like the Warriors to win this by a score of 118 – 102.

Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers

In the last matchup between these two teams, Joel Embiid went absolutely bonkers. He scored 35 points and was accountable for 18 rebounds. Ben Simmons found the big man often, as well as others, as he came away from the game with 7 assists, a team high on the night. The sixers won the game by a score of 124 – 114. The Heat struggled to get the ball spread like the sixers did. Goran Dragic led the team with only 5 assists. Dragic also led the team in points with 22.

What is surprising is that both team are nearly identical in terms of critical statistics such as rebounds per game, steals per game, blocks per game, and turnovers. The difference between the two squads is their ball movement. The sixers average nearly 4 assists more per game.

That could be the difference in this game as well. The ability of Philadelphia to pass the ball around, their added depth, and the fact that they have three legitimate stars all show why they are fifth in the East while the Heat are sitting in the ninth spot. I’ll take the Sixers to get a home victory 121 – 109.

There it is. Enjoy the NBA Betting action!