One of the best ways to tell if your favorite team has true grit is to take a look at their record when they play away from home. Let's take a look inside!

NBA’s Best Away Teams To Bet On

Written by on February 7, 2016

One of the best ways to tell if your favorite NBA team has “true grit” is to take a look at their record when they play away from home. If you can rely on your team to go on the road and pull out close wins, you’re more likely to see that team pushing deep into the playoffs when the summer comes. For the NBA betting fan, identifying teams that are stronger on the road can help you make the difference between choosing a tough game between two opponents that are fairly evenly matched. Let’s look at some of the best “road warriors” this season.

NBA’s Best Away Teams To Bet On

Washington Wizards (11-10)

It’s true that this isn’t the best road record out there — but the Wizards are 10-16 at home. For some reason, the Wizards do better on the road than in their own gym, whether that’s a more focused approach on the road or a tendency to come out at home with lower energy. So if the Wizards are taking on a team near or below them in the standings, and the Wizards are on the road, I might be more likely to take them.

Los Angeles Clippers (15-9)

This isn’t a bad record for the #4 seed in the West right now. The Clippers are in a bit of a zone lately, having won 15 of 19 since Blake Griffin went down to injury. Over the course of the season, though, they’ve been able to handle road tests well. This doesn’t mean I would pick them to win in San Antonio or Golden State, but I would consider them against their peers in the standings, even on the road, more readily than I would some other teams.

Oklahoma City Thunder (14-8)

If you consider how unevenly the Thunder started out the regular season this year, their 38-13 record right now (including winning five straight and nine of 10) is quite impressive. The pairing of Durant and Westbrook at their finest makes the Thunder a scary team to welcome into your arena. Am I picking them to knock off Golden State on Saturday night on the road? But I would pick them on the road against just about everyone else in the NBA right now.

San Antonio Spurs (14-8)

The Spurs have been absolutely terrific at home (27-0), but they haven’t been slouches on the road either. In fact, with the exception of the rout they took at Cleveland last weekend, they’ve been doing very well ATS on the road. So this is a team that I would bet on unless they were facing a very small handful of opponents on the road (Golden State, Cleveland and maybe Oklahoma City, but just maybe).

Golden State Warriors (23-4)

If you pick the Warriors to lose straight up anywhere right now, you’re basically handing money away. Look at the spreads and remember how likely it is for the Warriors to go off offensively on anyone on any given night. As long as your spreads are under eight or so, you’re going to make money with this team over the long haul.