Best NBA All Star Weekend Predictions

Best NBA All Star Weekend Bets

Written by on February 11, 2016

As the NBA All-Star Game heads north of the border to Toronto, let’s take a look at some of the best NBA online bets you can use to increase the funds in your account with your sports book.

Best NBA All Star Weekend Picks

Pick Zack LaVine to win the slam-dunk contest.

He has 1 to 4 odds, but there’s no one else in the league who can do what he does, flying through the air before sending the ball thunderously through the hoop. Don’t be tempted by any of the other picks on the list, because unless LaVine slips and falls, he’s going to win this.

Pick Kobe or Curry to win the MVP.

Now that Jimmy Butler has begged off the All-Star roster because of injury, the East doesn’t really have anyone else who can keep up with the track meet that the West players are going to stage. Sure, King James will be out there, and he’s a singular talent, but the All-Star game isn’t really about team basketball. Instead, it’s a glorified video game. With Kobe appearing in his last All-Star game as an active NBA player, look for the West team to give him lots of chances to score — and to earn the MVP. If Kobe can’t do it, expect Curry to take over the game and drain shot after shot — and take home the hardware.

Pick the West to win, and pick the over.

Once again, there’s no defense at all in the NBA All-Star game. That’s why the over/under total will be around 300 for this one. It doesn’t matter — as long as it’s under 330, take the over, because this is a game that will feature scoring. Also, you’re going to want to pick the West, as long as the spread is under 10 points. Remember, players on both sides want to honor Kobe, so I wouldn’t expect the East to mount much of a serious effort in this one.

Watch the last minute roster adjustments.

Jimmy Butler coming off the East roster was a big surprise. Take a look at the news for this game over the next couple of days, though, as there may be some other big names to bow out, deciding that they need to rest a nagging injury instead of taking the floor in an All-Star Game that can’t help them or their teams. These could adjust the line (but probably won’t touch the over/under total).