Basketball Betting: Big3 Week 3 Odds

Basketball Betting: Big3 Week 3 Odds

Written by on July 22, 2021

The Big 3 kicks off its third week on Saturday, and it is headlined by two undefeated teams matched up with the Trilogy and the Triplets. The week also has a couple of 0-2 teams that are looking to get out of a quick hole. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming games so you can bet against their Big3 Basketball odds.

Big3 Betting Odds for Week 3 of the 2021 Season

Power (-135) vs. Ball Hogs (-110)

The Power do show better history than the Ball Hogs, but I prefer the undefeated team here with the Ball Hogs bringing in two new players to take on the old-school players on the Power. I think that “young” legs help in this format, and that’s what I want to bet on in this matchup.

Trilogy (+104) vs. Triplets (-159)

Give me the Triplets here in the matchup of former Nets guards in Joe Johnson and Jarrett Jack. The Triplets are loaded with multiple former NBA all-star caliber players, and I think the overall skill level of these teams is just too much for the Trilogy to handle. 

Tri-State (-110) vs. Ghost Ballers (-135) 

Tri-State is the only team with a loss heading into this matchup, but I don’t expect this to be the case by the end of the weekend. Tri-State is a talented roster that is going to rely on shooting more than most in the league. This will always be their Achilles Heel, but it’s one I’m willing to gamble on with the dog in this matchup. The Ghost Ballers are undefeated, but I expect them to regress a little bit when they match up with tougher competition at the top of the standings.

3’s Company (+110) vs. 3 Headed Monsters (-175)

The 3 Headed Monsters are the rightful favorite in this matchup, and I would be willing to lay even more than this number on this matchup. Early in a season like this, we want to rely on teams with more talent or more experience, and I think the Monsters are ahead in both categories in this matchup. There aren’t massive mismatches in the Big 3 too much, but this is about as big of a gap as you will get odds-wise. I expect them to roll and win by double digits here.

Enemies (-145) vs. Bivouac (-105)

The Enemies are a slight favorite here, and I think the overall talent on the roster warrants that and maybe even a bit more. With the addition of NBA vet Nick Young and the interior presence of Austin and Hill, I think that the Enemies are a team to look out for in the playoffs in a year or two, if not this season.

Killer 3’s (-149) vs. Aliens (+100)

This is a line that I just don’t understand. If anything, I’d expect the Aliens to be favored simply with more overall talent. The Killer 3’s have shown a reliance on one or two scorers in a way that the Aliens have not. The lack of depth on the Aliens is a bit of a concern, but I want to bet on the best players on the court as a whole, and that is on the Aliens’ side.