Basketball Teams To Avoid Betting On In the Second Half

Posted by Aaron . on January 28, 2016 in

Some teams are proving themselves to be less than reliable NBA betting vehicles, playing inconsistent ball to the point that they look terrific one night… and then fall off the table the next. Take a look at these middling teams in the NBA that are likely to cost you money.

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Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki is one of the best players of all time, and Chandler Parsons is becoming the offensive force that the Mavericks thought he would be when they signed him. However, the Mavericks simply can’t defend. That’s why they went after DeAndre Jordan in the off-season; when they ended up with Zaza Pachulia in the center instead, they became a team that has no solid defenders on the perimeter or on the inside. So while the team can score in bunches when their shooters are on, they can’t get the big stop when they need it. Every now and then they’ll turn the effort meter up on defense, as in their recent win over Chicago, and then you’ll think they’ve solved the problem, and then they’ll get blown out by Houston, or barely eke out a win over a team like the Lakers because their offensive is cold, but they still can’t get stops.

Boston Celtics

This is another team hanging right around the .500 mark that has put up some brilliant games and has laid some real eggs. Isaiah Thomas could end up on the All-Star team as a reserve, but the defensive lapses that have become a part of life for the Boston Celtics mean that you can’t count on them to lock down the opposition down the stretch. That makes leads vanish, and it makes games that you saw as sure victories (SU or ATS) turn into dogfights — and then you end up losing on that spread.

Betting on the Celtics on the second half of a game might not be a fantastic idea.

Houston Rockets

I don’t bet on Houston for the same reason I don’t bet on Dallas — they refuse to commit to playing any sort of defense. Sure, James Harden can pour in the points, and Jason Terry is just one of a whole crew of three-point threats on the outside. Bringing Josh Smith back from the Clippers was another smart deal given the atmosphere, but it doesn’t really solve the defensive issues. So you have a team that sits at 24-22, but if they could play some team defense, they would be sitting with a much better record. This lack of defense is what got Kevin McHale fired, and it is what will knock this team out early in the postseason.

New York Knicks

Kristaps Porzingis is making this an exciting team. However, the fact that they are still at 22-24 (and that Carmelo Anthony has a gimpy knee) should make you think twice before putting money down on the Big Apple’s original team. They will take a team like Oklahoma City to overtime and then lose a disappointing game against an opponent like the Hornets by more than they should. Teams that are still finding their way can drain your gambling account quickly.