NBA Betting: 2021 Finals Odds & Predictions Update

NBA Betting: 2021 Finals Odds & Predictions Update

Written by on July 8, 2021

The 2021 NBA Finals kicked off on Tuesday night, and Game 2 is set for Thursday. This marks the one-time all series where there is only one day off between games instead of two. And now, the Suns will look to move to within two wins of their first-ever title.

A lot of noteworthy things happened in the opener, and a lot is going to happen in game 2. Let’s look at it all so you can continue betting against their NBA Championship odds.

2021 NBA Finals Updated Odds, Predictions, Player Impact, Injuries… 

Updated Odds:

As of the end of game 1, the Phoenix Suns’ odds of winning jumped up. They are now -300 to claim the finals and win the first-ever for their franchise. All of that waiting and misery, ending up with a season like this. Who would have thought?

And on the other side, the Bucks are far from done. They are +240 underdogs but are a long way from being done. Giannis Antetokounmpo being back was not game-changing in the opener, but it will make a world of a difference as adjustments are made for game 2.

The most important stat: Milwaukee has now lost three straight Game 1’s. They still advanced in the past two rounds.


1) The Milwaukee Bucks are going to win game 2 and even up the series. They are too talented to go down 0-2, even to a team as good as Phoenix.

2) Giannis is going to make a world of a difference and be a player that the team just cannot keep off the floor for long. He is also going to play a lot of centers.

3) Chris Paul is going to come back to earth, and his new struggles will play a part in his team’s defeat.

4) Devin Booker will lead all players in points. The guy just has so much game.


The worst part of the game is injuries. Just when Phoenix was finally at full strength, they lose their backup center. Dario Saric had played a key role all throughout the playoffs, and now he’s done. Finished for the year and likely all of next, as well. He suffered a torn ACL, the worst possible news.

This will allow Frank Kaminsky III to hop into the rotation, but you have to feel for Saric. All that he has done the past few years, and gets hurt during his first Finals game. You really hate to see things like that happen. The rest of the team had finally recovered.

Donte DiVincenzo is of course still out and will not be back this postseason. Giannis is playing through his knee injury but did not seem hobbled or limited in the opener. It marked just a week since he suffered the injury, for him to be back is incredible. A slap in the face to science.

They will need him for the next game, so they’d best hope he can handle 35-40 minutes. Look for their other guys to step up so he doesn’t have to do too much, though.

Injuries will not play a key part in crowning a champ, but they are still relevant as ever.