2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Odds & Preview

Posted by Derrick Harper on February 14, 2020 in

The event that always turns the most heads and merits the craziest reactions at All-Star Weekend is the final act of All-Star Saturday. The Dunk Contest. Read below as we list the NBA odds and pick a winner!

2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Odds & Preview

Dwight Howard (+500)

The days of Superman are long gone, but healthy for the first time in a few years, Dwight is showing that he still has a lot of bounce. And it’s really too bad that we won’t get to see the full Howard experience as he had planned to do a dunk or two with Kobe, who is sadly no longer with us (RIP Kobe Bryant), so that’s gone. But, as centers in dunk contests have gone since he participated, none have truly been able to wow.

Howard brings energy and excitement anywhere he goes. This is no different. He doesn’t have a great chance against the field, but he’ll be fun.

Pat Connaughton (+400)

He may still be a relative unknown to fair-weather fans, but he is continuing to thrive now in his second year with the Bucks. He has the highest recorded vertical among the participants at 44 inches. The old movie title White Men Can’t Jump would probably like a word. Anyway, this man has some explosive bounce, and has shown it time and time again when the opportunity has presented itself. He has put bigs on posters and would have no problem possibly doing it again in the contest.

Maybe Connaughton will use some of the baseball ability that he showed for four years in college and nearly turned into an MLB career on Saturday when his turn comes.

Derrick Jones Jr. (+200)

There is no better in-game dunker than DJJ, as he has shown a new level of bounce since joining the Heat. When he gets up to throw it done, you will likely get hammered on and be on the wrong side of a highlight if you try and step in. Several players in the NBA have been there and done that, but still, effort is effort. Jones Jr. will actually be celebrating his birthday on Saturday, so there could be no better present for him than winning the contest and getting some hardware for his home.

His all-around game has improved, but all that matters tonight is his dunking ability. The important thing will be to do something original and make sure to truly wow, because Aaron Gordon lives for this event and will be tough to beat.

Aaron Gordon (+125)

The Orlando Magic never seem to get any love during the season, but you know it’s all about AG when it’s dunk contest time. His bouts with Zach LaVine during this event in 2015 and 2016 were out of this world, and are some of the best we have ever seen. The competition is pretty stiff this year too, but we know Gordon will have some fantastic content. The contestants put in hours on end in the gym to make sure they have all their dunks and attempts ready for each respective round.

Gordon is the safe bet for most, and rightfully so. He has already won this event before, and would love to do it again. We’ll see if he gets mascot involvement again.

PICK: DJJ over Aaron Gordon in the Finals

It’s very hard to even pick a winner, but Jones Jr. will get the better of Gordon in what will be an exciting round. If you thought the three-point shootout was hard to choose a winner in, wait until this.