2020 NBA All-Star Game Preview & Odds

Posted by Derrick Harper on February 14, 2020 in

For the second year in a row, we had the All-Star draft televised, and picked by the same players in LeBron and Giannis. The game should be fun to see once again, with the new rules to make the game more competitive. Read below for the new rule before we proceed. Let’s see how the NBA betting odds will be for the NBA All-Star Game.

2020 NBA All-Star Game Preview & Odds


Rather than just play a four-quarter, 48:00 game as the league does throughout the year, a new rule was instituted for this year, partly to change the game, but largely to honor the late, 18X All-Star Kobe Bryant. The game will now be three quarters, with the fourth quarter having a final score to trigger the end. The target score will be 24 points higher than the current total that the team in the lead has heading into the final quarter. If Team LeBron leads 102-98 through three, then it will be first to 126.

Team Giannis:

Six first-time All-Stars make up the 12-man roster here, and it will be exciting to see each and every one of them. Trae Young was built for this game with his skillset and ability to make shots from all over the floor. The coolest thing about team Giannis though is that Siakam and Embiid will be teammates, putting Cameroon on the map in a significant way. They’ve always been close, so to see them compete together is not only going to be special for the viewers in America, but those back home for them. This team is full of strong defensive players off the bench in Lowry and Jimmy Butler. Brandon Ingram may struggle a little in this game, but Donovan Mitchell should have no issues.

Their captain is a tremendous hooper is not going to be slowed by any player on the other team, so he’ll be the most valuable down the stretch as the target number gets within range. Look for Rudy Gobert to be in during crunch-time to try and protect the rim, with Embiid possibly grabbing a little rest.

Team LeBron:

He made sure to draft his teammate Anthony Davis (who he likely recruited during the prior few All-Star breaks) to start things off. Playing against him would not have been the move. It will be interesting though as they have Ben Simmons, to see him go against Joel Embiid. He’s got several star two-way guys in Tatum, Westbrook and CP3, all ready to go off. He’s got Kawhi, Luka and Harden in his starting lineup, giving him three of the best scorers in the game right now. They will be without Damian Lillard and may get Devin Booker as his replacement. If that’s the case, they lose the 35-footers, but gain somebody who can truly be a shot maker.

LeBron himself should be ready to have another big day, as he generally does in this event. His team is full of the best 1-on-1 players in the game, and all of the step back threes will be on display. The big challenge is going to be making a decision on who closes out the game with the new format. That’s a great problem to have.


Make sure you make your wagers for Team LeBron! His squad will take Team Giannis down in what will be the most memorable All-Star Game in several years.