UFC Fight Night: Ortega Vs. Jung Betting Analysis

Posted by Derrick Harper on October 16, 2020 in

The next UFC event, coming up on Saturday, is one that a lot of MMA fans have been asking for since December 2019. The main event featherweight showdown features Brian Ortega and Chan Sung Jung. This will be part of the card at the Flash Forum on UFC Fight Island that will be televised on ESPN+. Let’s take a closer at the main bout so you can make your bets against their UFC odds.

UFC Fight Night: Ortega Vs. Jung – MMA Betting

Main Event Breakdown

Brian “T-City” Ortega (14-1-0) is highly ranked in the featherweight division at second best, behind Max Holloway, who is responsible for the first loss on his resume. His past fights have worked out in his favor with having three wins by knockout, seven by submission, and four by decision.

Even before he was injured, Ortega struck with an accuracy at 33 percent and a grappling accuracy at a rough 16 percent. He delivers 4.07 significant strikes a minute but unfortunately takes on a lot more with 7.36. This ratio is very concerning, especially with an opponent like Jung.

Ortega defends against takedowns at 56 percent and defends against significant strikes around 50 percent. He also has been able to average 0.51 takedowns and 1.40 submissions in 15 minutes of fighting.

Chan Sung “The Korean Zombie” Jung (16-5-0) is not far behind in the rankings, as he is the fourth-best fighter in the featherweight division. His UFC resume is balanced with six wins by knockout, eight by submission, and two by decision.

He strikes with an accuracy of 41 percent and grappling accuracy at 41 percent. He delivers 4.58 significant strikes a minute and takes on 3.73. This ratio is solid here, with some room to grow either way.

Jung defends against takedowns at 77 percent and defends against significant strikes at 60 percent. Per 15 minutes of fight time, he has averages of 0.78 takedowns and 0.60 submissions.

Odds For This Event

As the event approaches, the odds have settled down quite a bit. MyBookie has the odds currently set at:

* odds are subject to change

Winner of Main Event

These two stack up great on paper, but the real story will be about how much they genuinely dislike each other. With some previous hatred for each other, this could turn into an interesting matchup.

Ortega is returning from an injury while training for his original fight with Jung back in December. When he did fight last, it was a loss against Max Holloway that was quite ugly. Holloway was able to put quite a beating on Ortega, with a strike differential of 290-110, which eventually led to Holloway knocking him out.

Ortega could have had a bad day, but man, was it a bad one overall. You would think that the number one and two raked fighters would be closer on the scale than that.

Jung is a very appealing pick here when you take a look at his resume and his fighting stats. His striking accuracy and his significant strike ratio are both great. He also fights at an awkward stance and is constantly moving, so this could cause issues for Ortega trying to land a hit.

Prediction: Jung wins via TKO