UFC Fight Night: Moraes vs. Sandhagen Analysis

Posted by Aaron . on October 9, 2020 in

The main card on the upcoming UFC event showcases a main event that is one you must see. The fight is a bantamweight showdown that will feature Marlon Moraes and Cory Sandhagen.

The card will be at the Flash Forum on the UFC Fight Island on Saturday, starting at 7 pm ET on ESPN+.

Main Event Breakdown

Marlon “Magic” Moraes (23-6-1) is coming into this fight ranked as the number one fighter atop the bantamweight division. By looking at his fighting resume, it shows him having 10 wins by knockout, six by submission, and seven by decision.

He strikes with an accuracy of 39 percent and has a grappling accuracy of 25 percent. He delivers 3.53 significant strikes a minute while absorbing 3.69. This ratio is almost a solid 1 to 1, but he should focus his attention on defending better.

Moraes defends against takedowns at 66 percent and defends against significant strikes at 58 percent. He also has been able to average 0.46 takedowns and 0.50 submissions every 15 minutes.

Cory Sandhagen (12-2-0) is cracking the top five of the rankings, coming in at fourth in the bantamweight division. Looking at his fighting resume shows him having four wins by knockout, three by submission, and five by decision.

He strikes with an accuracy of 48 percent and has a grappling accuracy at 50 percent. He delivers 6.95 significant strikes a minute and absorbs 4.08. For this ratio, we see that he has a very nice volume of strikes.

Sandhagen defends against takedowns at 33 percent and defends against significant strikes at 58 percent. He also has been able to average 1.20 takedowns and 0.60 submissions every 15 minutes.

Odds For This Event

The market, in general, has been up and down in preparation for this matchup. MyBookie’s odds are currently sitting at:

  1. Moraes: +100
  2. Sandhagen: -130

* odds are subject to change

Potential Winning Pick

When looking at this matchup, you would have probably mistaken it for a title fight since both fighters are in the top five in the bantamweight division. Regardless if it is a title fight or not, this one is going to be close and well-fought.

This fight has the potential to be the fight of the night. Sandhagen is going to be aggressive, as noted in his significant strikes, and Moraes is not one to back down from a challenge.

Sandhagen is interesting as the favorite here because he is not the higher-ranked of the two fighters. His offensive performances show him handling himself well in any situation. On defense, his poor takedown defense could hurt him if Moraes manages to work him on the ground a lot.

With that being said, Moraes has not shown great grappling accuracy. If he can manage to take down Sandhagen a few times, in addition to using his experience of knocking out opponents, then this fight should be interesting. This could potentially lead Moraes with a great opportunity to knock out Sandhagen.

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