UFC Fight Night 89 Thompson vs MacDonald Betting Preview

UFC Fight Night 89 Thompson vs MacDonald Betting Preview

Written by on June 16, 2016

The main welterweight card at this Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 89 features Rory MacDonald (18-3, 9-3 UFC) and Stephen Thompson (12-1, 7-1 UFC). MacDonald has not entered the ring since his brawl at UFC 189 against Robbie Lawler. MacDonald is in the last fight of his current deal and would enter free agency with huge value if he can get a win. Thompson has won six straight fights since getting dismantled by Matt Brown in 2012. Most recently, Thompson made Johnny Hendricks, the former welterweight champion, look silly in February. Either way, the winner will have an arguable claim at a title shot. Remember to check for more MMA betting odds by clicking here.

UFC Fight Night 89 Thompson vs MacDonald Betting Preview & TV Info

When: Saturday, June 18, 2016Where: TD Place Arena, Ottawa, CanadaTV: Fox Sports 1Radio: NoneLive StreamUFC.tvUFC Odds: Stephen Thompson (-115), Rory MacDonald (-105)

Why should you bet on Thompson?

Thompson would need to exploit MacDonald’s weak area — defense in the pocket. MacDonald thrives by keeping his distance and a guard that sheds strikes. However, at close range, he does not move his head well, making him vulnerable. Thompson is a big striker, coming from a background in kickboxing and karate. He can move from right to left, agile at striking with both hands, and he keeps moving in circles throughout the cage, hacking off angles and making the distance shorter. He uses front, round and side kicks to the body and head without telegraphing them early, and he is skilled at working around a guard — and then hitting with a lightning combination of punches.

Why should you put your money on MacDonald?

MacDonald is one of the best all-around fighters in MMA. He can fight in the clinch, grapple, wrestle and punch well, no matter what the best strategy is. He has a 76” reach and stands at 6’ tall, but he remains agile. His jab simply drains the life out of his opponent’s attempts to set of rhythm, and his right straight, round kick and front kick all start with the identical hip motion, making him difficult to read. This confusion allows openings for his fists to reach the opponent’s head. His question-mark kick, which curves over the shoulder, is one of his marquee moves. When things get closer to the fence, he can mix straights and hooks in with jumping elbows and knees to bring a fight to a quick end.

Expert Betting Pick and Final Score Prediction

This is going to be a close fight. They both have experience, and neither panics in the face of adversity. If MacDonald won’t move out of the middle of the cage and just trades blows, he will eventually lose. Even so, if MacDonald is willing to move, he can cut off Thompson’s escape angles. I like MacDonald in a close decision.