UFC 248 Betting Preview & Odds

Posted by Aaron . on March 6, 2020 in

UFC 248 is shaping up for another exciting event. This fight is taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, March 7. The main event will be a middleweight showdown between two of the East knockout artists. You have the current undefeated champion Israel Adesanya and the challenger Yoel Romero.

UFC 248: Adesanya vs Romero Betting Preview & Odds

The odds for this main event currently at:

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The Fighters

The Last Stylebender” Israel Adesanya is currently 18-0-0 and is the middleweight champion. 14 of his wins have been knockouts. His other four wins have been decisions. He has a striking accuracy of 54 percent but lacks a single successful grapple.

He has a knockdown ratio of 0.88 and his average fight tends to last about 13:42 minutes. He can land on average 4.47 significant strikes a minute and absorbs about 2.07. He has a reach of 80 inches, so he can have an advantage over most fighters he faces.

“Soldier of God” Yoel Romero is currently 13-4-0. He  is ranked the third best fighter in the middleweight division. 11 of his wins have come by knockout. Romero has a striking accuracy at 51 percent and he has a decent grappling accuracy of 36 percent. With his extensive background in wrestling, he may have an edge here.

Romero on average delivers 3.32 signature strikes a minute and absorbs 2.95 in the same time frame. This ratio tells us that he does not defend well against good significant strikers. He stands around 72 inches and his reach pans out to 73.5 inches.

 UFC 248: Adesanya vs Romero Main Event Winner

Romero will be looking to take this match to the ground. Adesanya has a great takedown defense at 85 percent, so Romero will have his work cut out for him.

Coming off a two fight loss, Romero is motivated to get back to winning.

For this fight, the market seems to think Romero is an underdog. He could disappoint people that bet against him since his fighting style is to have a slower pace. He also tends to wait for the perfect opportunity to land a heavy knockout hit, and this could be a bad approach to someone like Adesanya because he is the quicker fighter.

Adesanya should be able to find his tempo and set the pace for this fight. As long as he stays off the ground, then this advantage goes to him. Romero May be able to get a submission win if he manages to wear down Adesanya on the ground.

The UFC 248 title fight is going to be a good one. You have two heavy hitters that know how to knock their opponents out. I am not sure Romero is going to be able to take Adesanya to the ground as much as his resume shows against other opponents. Adesanya has the reach and quickness advantage to carry out this fight for a victory.

Adesanya wins by TKO