American League World Series MLB Betting Analysis

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It’s pretty clear that the Royals won the American League pennant as a team from Day 1, but that fact became especially clear during Game 6 of the American League Championship Series, as the Royals eliminated the Toronto Blue Jays in a thrilling 4-3 victory to return to the World Series. Toronto’s sudden recovery made the Royals look weaker than what most MLB betting fans predicted, but the team was able to bounce back to victory and seal their ticket to their second straight World Series for the first time in franchise history.
First of all, Lorenzo Cain scored from first on a single with no outs. He was not taking off with the pitch. You won’t ever see anyone that fast again. If you thought you were looking at Mariano Rivera from his highlight years with the Yankees, you can be forgiven, but it was really just Wade Davis, coming through with one of the most clutch performances out of the bullpen of all times.

However, it was three guys who have not appeared in a major league uniform in years that made the difference for the Royals this year: Mike Jirschele, Paul Gibson and Tim Conroy. The work that these three men did told the Royals all sorts of important things, such as how to tell when Toronto pitcher David Price was about to throw a changeup, and when he was likely to throw over to first to try and pick off a runner. They also knew where Jose Bautista would throw a ball if he had to range a long way to the left to get it.
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Game 2 saw Price at his finest, having retired 18 hitters in a row in the seventh inning. The Blue Jays were up 3-0, and they only needed nine more outs to tie the series up at 1-1. Then Ben Zobrist hit a short fly ball that fell between Bautista (the right fielder) and second baseman Ryan Goins. The pundits might tell you that this was the most important moment, but Price was still up three runs at the time, and the Royals still were not hitting him. The next six batters, though, would turn the tide.


Cain followed the bloop with a single to right. Eric Hosmer knocked a changeup up the middle for a single to drive in Zobrist. Now the score was 3-1. Then, Hosmer shocked everyone by taking off for second against David Price. That attempt kept Kendrys Morales’ grounder from turning into a double play. Later, Price told reporters that no one had stolen any bases against him that year. For Royals manager Ned Yost, though, this was the year’s biggest play so far.
So there was Hosmer on second with one out. Mike Moustakas drove Hosmer in with a single to right. Salvador struck out. However, Alex Gordon doubled to send Moustakas home. The final score was 6-3.
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So what about those three men? They are scouts in the Royals organization. They noticed that David Price takes an extra breath when he’s about to throw a changeup. They also noticed that he almost never throws to first when a runner is there. And when he does, he points his toes toward first. Most of the time, he points his toes toward the ground, which means if you see the toes pointing down, you can take off for second on his first movement. Knowing that Price’s deadly change-up was coming changed the game for the Royals – and the series.