MLB Betting: Value of Wagering On Game Props

MLB Betting: Value of Wagering On Game Props

Written by on July 16, 2021

Major League Baseball gives bettors a great chance to win because of the longevity of the season. However, traditional bets often do not provide people great odds in the second half of the season because of lopsided matchups.

If the Tigers are playing the Astros, you would have to put a lot of money on Houston to win anything. This is risky because bad teams in baseball still win 40% of the time. This is where props enter the betting equation.

Props are great for winning big on MLB. Some props have more value than others, but you should include these in your wagering repertoire. Let’s take a closer look at our MLB betting update so you can bet against their MLB Game Props.

Betting Value of MLB Game Props

What is Prop Betting?

To understand why prop bets have value, you must understand what they are in MLB. A prop focuses on a statistic within a game rather than the final outcome. Props can be for teams, players, or even people in the crowd.

This depends on how creative a sportsbook is when choosing its bets. Bigger games like the playoffs and World Series will always have more props. Although, on My Bookie, you will be able to find props for every MLB contest.

The main category of MLB props are team and player. Both have value depending on the situation. If you place a prop on a whim, the chances are that you will lose. To choose the correct prop bets, you must study the game.

MLB Team Props

Team props are a great way to bet an underdog or favorite when the traditional bets do not provide any value. Here are some examples of MLB team props.

  • Which team will score first?
  • Will the Yankees score in the first inning?
  • Which team will score three runs first?
  • Will the total number of home runs be over/under 2.5?

You may want to use a team prop when a squad starts strong but is notoriously bad at finishing games. In this case, you could bet them to score first or get on the board in the first frame.

If two teams are competing with bad hitting and good pitching, you may want to wager the home run prop. The odds will be better on props because they focus on a specific aspect of the game. This means that things are less likely to occur, which gives you a chance at a larger payout.

MLB Player Props

MLB player props are very exciting. These are comparable to DFS for sports betting. Here are some examples of player props in MLB.

  • Will Rafael Devers record over 1.5 hits?
  • Will Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a home run?
  • Will Jacob deGrom record over/under 9.5 strikeouts?
  • Will Gerrit Cole or Jacob deGrom record more strikeouts?

Player props have value if you like a specific matchup in a game. For example, if deGrom is facing a bad offense, he will likely have a great night. This means that this prop bet has value on a sportsbook.

For an offensive player, there could be a valuable prop wager on My Bookie if an athlete is hot at the plate. Player props depend on game matchups, so pay attention to the stats, and you will have success.