Picking The Best Bets In MLB For 2016

Posted by Aaron . on March 29, 2016 in

So, Opening Day is right around the corner, and you are likely sizing up your bets for the MLB season. One of the fun bets this time of year is gauging the various win totals of some of the top teams in the American League and the National League — and some of the bottom-feeders as well. The baseball regular season is a 162-game march that starts on cold, crisp nights in the 40s, moves through rain (maybe snow in Colorado) and then bakes up well north of 100 degrees on some nights (if you’re in Arizona or Texas) and then gets back down into the crispness of the fall. Gauging how a team is going to do over that many games requires a lot of research, a bit of guesswork — and a lot of luck. Let’s take a look at some of the best MLB online bets when it comes to predicting over/under totals.

Picking The Best Bets In MLB For 2016

Kansas City Royals (85.5)

The Royals have gone to the World Series the last two seasons, losing to the Giants and then beating the New York Mets. That wears on a team over time, and especially when a team wins the World Series, there can be a bit of a hangover factor as the relief of finally getting over the hump and winning a title dulls the hunger, and then doing the off-season work to stay in shape and going through the grind of spring training suddenly seem tiresome rather than important. There is also the fact that Johnny Cueto, the pitcher that the Royals picked up from Cincinnati down the stretch, is now the ace for the San Francisco Giants. I see the Royals falling off a bit this year and finishing under this total.

Cleveland Indians (84.5)

The Indians are an enigma of a team. They have some of the best starting pitching in either league, beginning with Corey Kluber. However, last year their offense acted like a bunch of National League pitchers, acting as stingy with their run support as C. Montgomery Burns is with compassion. If the Tribe can’t hit this year either, you’ll see that starting pitching wear down sooner as the realization that no offensive help is coming will wear on their collective psyche on the team. I could see this team dropping to 75 or 77 wins fairly easily, so I would take the under with this crew.

San Francisco Giants (89.5)

Yes, the Giants have bid farewell to unraveling former ace Tim Lincecum and brought in two intriguing arms to the rotation in Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija. While Cueto was dominant in Cincinnati, he was nothing of the sort in Kansas City, only having a dominant impact in one of their postseason games. Samardzija has amazing stuff, but he also has the ability to go into a fog and throw meat that opposing hitters can hit a long, long way. I think the Giants overpaid for both of these pitchers, and that beckoning right-field wall could be tempting for the opposition. I see these signings as imploding on the Giants, so I would definitely consider going under with San Francisco.