MLB Future Bets for 2016 You Shouldn’t Let Pass

Posted by Aaron . on May 25, 2016 in

We’ve just passed the quarter-pole of the 2016 MLB season, so it’s time to take a look at some updated future bets for the rest of the season. There are quite a few teams that are impressing (both Chicago teams, as well as the Red Sox and the Orioles, and there are more than a few divisions (the AL and the NL West, for example) that are waiting for a team to decide that they want to win it. Let’s start with some World Series sportsbook odds:

MLB Future Bets for 2016 You Shouldn’t Let Pass



Chicago Cubs +360

They’re off to their best start since 1907. What happened in 1907? They won the World Series, something that has eluded the Cubs for more than a century now. However, they have the offensive firepower and the pitching — as well as the managerial brain power in Joe Maddon — to go all the way this time.

Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants +1000

Boston has returned to the top of the AL East standings after spending a lot of time underperforming last season. Their starting pitching has been much more reliable, and their bullpen has become almost automatic after the end of the sixth or seventh inning.

The Giants have recovered from the implosion of Tim Lincecum and the aging of several other members of their pitching staff (hello, Matt Cain) and are now riding a younger team all the way to contention. With Hunter Pence in the outfield and Buster Posey behind the plate, they have solid pieces on both offense and defense.

Washington Nationals, New York Mets +1100

These two tough teams are competing for the National League East, although the Nationals have found themselves the whipping boys of the third-place Phillies so far this season. The Nats finally have a healthy Steven Strasburg delivering quality start after quality start, and things are looking terrific.

The Mets are enjoying a spring with big hitting…from their pitchers. Bartolo Colon belted the first home run of his storied career, and Noah Syndergaard provided all the offense his team needed in a recent win over the Dodgers, slapping two home runs to drive in all four of the team’s runs in that win.

Seattle Mariners +1400

Is this the season when the Mariners will finally hit well enough to support King Felix and the rest of the pitching staff? They have huge bats in Robinson Cano, Justin Smoak and Nelson Cruz, but something about the air in the Pacific Northwest has held them back in the past. If the Mariners can hold off the Rangers and the Angels in the AL West, they have a big shot.

Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers +1600

All hugely talented rosters, all with a number of big flaws. The White Sox arguably have the best starting pitcher in the AL in Chris Sale; the Dodgers still have Clayton Kershaw on the hill; the Rangers are about to have Yu Darvish back and still have the great Cole Hamels. However, bullpens have been an Achilles heel for these teams, as has timely hitting.

And the rest:

Baltimore Orioles +1800
Toronto Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals +2000
Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates +2200
Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Cardinals +2500
New York Yankees +2800
Arizona Diamondbacks +4000
Houston Astros, Colorado Rockies +5000
Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays +6600
Oakland A’s +7500
San Diego Padres +25000
Milwaukee Brewers +75000
Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves +100000