Final MLB Betting Prediction to Close Regular Season

Posted by Aaron . on September 29, 2017 in

The Major League Baseball season is coming to an end. There are several things to bet on in Major League Baseball, which includes who is going to win the World Series. 10 teams start the postseason with a chance, and it quickly goes to 8, and then down to 4, and finally to the final two meeting up at the end of October. Let’s take a look at our Final MLB Betting Predictions to close Regular season.

Final MLB Betting Prediction to Close Regular Season

The odds to win the World Series are updated often. The most recent update has the Cleveland Indians as the favorite to win at 9/4. After that is the Los Angeles Dodgers at 5/2, followed by Houston at 5/1, Washington 7/1 and the Chicago Cubs 8/1. Boston, the Yankees, Arizona, Colorado, and Minnesota come in behind those top teams. Since we are here to make a pick, our bet goes with the defending champions. The Chicago Cubs are great value at 8/1. They still have all the talent they had a season ago when they won the World Series. In fact, our bet is the Chicago Cubs 8/1 to beat the Cleveland Indians in the 2017 World Series.

One of the best races in all of Major League Baseball was the National League MVP race. This is going to be a heck of a vote. Last season, Kris Bryant won the award, and he has been really good this season, in fact, he leads the National League in WAR. But, Kris Bryant will not finish in the Top 5 most likely. Giancarlo Stanton is listed at +150, while Paul Goldschmidt is second. Guys like Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon from Colorado cannot be left out. Our vote is going to go with the home run leader; that’s Giancarlo Stanton. He kept the Marlins relevant all season. Bet Stanton +150 to win the NL MVP.

Giancarlo Stanton has become a top MLB player.

In the American League; it’s a two-player race. It could be Mike Trout if he had not missed so much time, and Carlos Correa has been crazy good as well. But, when we are making our picks it’s down to Jose Altuve and Aaron Judge. Jose Altuve is listed at -200, while Aaron Judge is at +700. Altuve and Judge are both going to the postseason. Altuve has more weapons around him, which gives us the out to take Aaron Judge as the AL MVP. Take Judge at +700 to win the award.

Finally – we are going to combine the AL and NL Cy Young odds here. Clayton Kershaw missed time but is going to be a 19 game winner. That’s impressive, but Max Scherzer was more consistent all season. Basically, he didn’t miss as much time. Both players deserve it – but Scherzer at -225 is the winner. THen – in the American League – Corey Kluber was a huge reason the Cleveland Indians won 100 games this season. Kluber was the winner of this award in 2014 and is our vote to win it this season, Take Corey Kluber at +300 to win the 2017 American League, Cy Young.

There you go. Those are our Final Major League Baseball Betting Predictions to close the regular season. It has been a great season on the diamond, and we are already looking forward to the 2018 season. Best of luck with all your betting, and enjoy the games!