MLB Boston Red Sox 2020 Season Analysis

Posted by Aaron . on March 16, 2020 in

The Boston Red Sox have been constant as an American League contender. Now, the 2020 season things have changed a little bit. Alex Cora was fired, and Ron Roenicke was named the new manager. The Red Sox also traded both Mookie Betts and David Price. Things are going to be different in BeanTown. Let’s take a look at the Red Sox 2020 Season Analysis and MLB Odds.

MLB Boston Red Sox 2020 Season Analysis

Red Sox Offense Takes a Hit

Without Mookie Betts, the Red Sox lineup is going to look a little differently. Andrew Benintendi is projected to lead off this season, while Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts and J.D. Martinez round out the top four. That certainly is a lineup that can still pound the baseball, but missing that huge bat in Betts for sure. At the bottom of the lineup, Kevin Pillar, who came over from Toronto should be down there, and come together as a second leadoff hitter.

Boston Will need Strong Pitching

Without David Price, and Chris Sale being a little banged up early on – the Red Sox rotation is going to look a little different in 2020. The Red Sox have a top two starters of Eduardo Rodriguez and Nathan Eovaldi. The Red Sox are going to rely on a couple guys at the back end of the rotation, with Ryan Weber and Brian Johnson.

Betts Moving Leaves a Hole

It’s going to be a tough task for the Boston Red Sox to replace Mookie Betts. He was a Most Valuable Player for a reason. He also won four gold gloves. The Red Sox will miss his career .301 batting average and 139 homeruns in his career. The 27 year old was a game changer for the Red Sox.

Boston added Kevin Pillar to the lineup. He hits .261 in his career and has seen over 3,000 at bats. On the pitching side – Martin Perez joins, but his luck has not been real strong. He has over a 5.21 career earned run average. The Red Sox are hoping getting him out of Texas and Minnesota will help him.

Red Sox 2020 Odds

The Boston Red Sox are not looked at by many to be a threat to win the American League of the World Series. A new manager, injured stars, and stars leaving the team have pushed the Red Sox to +1100 odds to win the American League. That’s behind both the Yankees and the Rays in the division. To win the World Series – the Red Sox come into the start of the season with World Series odds of +2500.

Boston is projected to win 86 games in 2020. That is enough to put them in the running for an American League wildcard spot.