MLB Betting Favorites, Smart Picks & Dark Horses for 2018 Season

Posted by Aaron . on March 28, 2018 in

The Major League Baseball season is here – and every season – we see many things we never expected to happen. While some things are pretty predictable, in the end, many things are tough to predict. We thought we would get you ready for the MLB Betting action with a look at our Favorites, Smart Picks and Dark Horses for the 2018 season.

MLB Betting Favorites, Smart Picks & Dark Horses for 2018 Season

Houston Astros Struggle But Make Postseason

The Houston Astros are really good, but it seems like every year there is a World Series hangover. Look for the hangover to be real with the Astros in 2018. Injuries and downplay is the major cause of the hangover. The Astros are +500 to win the World Series, but they are not our pick.


Since we are not taking the Houston Astros, we will go back to the rematch of 2016. The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians are our favorites. The Chicago Cubs come into the season at +750 to win the World Series, and the Cleveland Indians are +600. The others in the Top 5 include the Dodgers at +550 and the Yankees at +650. The Cubs and Indians seem like a good 2018 World Series pick.

Smart Picks

Smart Picks are teams that are giving you great value. Some would say the San Francisco Giants with their additions and an even year. For us – we cannot buy into San Francisco quite yet after their complete collapse of a season ago. Now, with the injury to Madison Bumgarner, there are too many questions with the Giants.

The Red Sox look like a Smart MLB Betting Pick for the 2018 Season.

Our smart picks from both leagues are the Boston Red Sox at +900 and the Washington Nationals at +950. Both these teams are outside the Top 5 and giving great value. Both teams have loaded lineups and very underrated starting pitching. A Red Sox/Nationals World Series would be fun, and garner some pretty good money in future betting.

Dark Horses

A few dark horses. These teams are typically outside the Top 10 in odds, and either counted out of the postseason picture or right on the verge. The Arizona Diamondbacks at +2800 are the first team that comes to mind. Arizona lost J.D. Martinez, but still, have plenty of bats to go around. The pitching will look to continue to improve, and if they do – they will be tough to beat. The other dark horse – out of the American League is the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels are +2500. Ohtani may not be that big of a difference maker, but the off-season was kind to the Angels. Do not be afraid to take a gamble on the Angels at +2500.

Best of luck during the Major League Baseball season. It should be a great season. We hope you get all your bets in and are ready to rock and roll. We also hope you took a look at our MLB Betting Favorites, Smart Picks and Dark Horses for the 2018 season, and are ready for another profitable season!