2018 World Series Odds Update & Betting Picks – June 8th

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As we move into the middle of June, the midway point in the Major League Baseball season starts to arrive. The All-Star Game will be here, and then we finish the second half of the season before the World Series gets rolling. The 2018 World Series odds have been updated, and we wanted to give you a look at our Updated 2018 World Series betting picks.

2018 World Series Odds Update & Betting Picks

Houston Astros +500

The Houston Astros are the team to beat again. It’s interesting to see the Seattle Mariners competing with the Astros at the top of the American League West. We do not expect that to continue, but it’s a fun story. Houston has great starting pitching, and we know how solid the offense has and can be. Houston is +500, but actually pretty good value for such a talented team.

Boston Red Sox +600

The Boston team is just slightly ahead of the Yankees in the odds to win the World Series. Boston and New York are neck and neck in the divisional race. The Red Sox offense has been hitting the baseball all over the place, despite losing Mookie Betts for awhile. Boston’s starting pitching matches up well, at +600 that’s pretty solid value for Boston.

Washington Nationals +1600

Actually, our favorite out of the National League. Dave Roberts is watching his team start to heat it up in the National League East. Stephen Strasburg to go along with Max Scherzer in the rotation, while Bryce Harper is in a contract year. This is the season for Washington to get out of the National League.

Milwaukee Brewers +2500

Why not, right? The Brewers are a solid baseball team, and with five teams making the postseason, this is worth a shot at the odds. The Brewers are 25/1.

The 2018 World Series Odds for the Brewers are looking good.

They have some nice young talent, along with the additions they grabbed during the offseason. Will Milwaukee go get starting pitching at the break and be deadly?

Seattle Mariners +5000

Since Robinson Cano went out for half the season, the Mariners have been really good. The problem playing out of the American League West is likely just two teams are going to make the postseason. With the Angels and Astros in the mix, it will be a tough task. Boston and or the Yankees appear to have wildcard 1 wrapped up. Seattle is doing things well, so longshot bet at +5000 appears really good!

Others to Consider

  • New York Yankees +650
  • Chicago Cubs +1000
  • Cleveland Indians +1400

There is our Updated 2018 World Series Odds and Betting Picks. Enjoy the Major League Baseball season, and check back throughout the season as the odds change. Best of luck with all your MLB bets, and especially your future bets on the World Series!