2018 Long Shots that Could Beat the MLB Odds to Win it All

Posted by Aaron . on April 4, 2018 in

The Major League Baseball season is underway. If you did not get your Future bets in for who was going to win the 2018 World Series, you still have to do it. Do not take the first couple games into too much importance, because every season we see teams start slow, or get off to quick starts and not keep it up. Let’s take a look at our 2018 Major League Baseball Betting Predictions, and give you 4 Long Shots that could beat the MLB odds and take it down.

2018 Long Shots that Could Beat the MLB Odds to Win it All

Boston Red Sox

  • MLB Odds to Win it All: 10/1

A longshot? Maybe. Maybe not. But, we look at the American League and see the Astros, Yankees, and Indians with better odds than the Red Sox. Boston is not the fourth best team in the American League – they are better. If the Boston bullpen figures things out, there is no doubt that this is going to be a tough team to take down. The Red Sox have struggled in the postseason the past two seasons but look for a change in the franchise this October.

St. Louis Cardinals

  • MLB Odds to Win it All: 25/1

The St. Louis Cardinals have missed the postseason the past two seasons, so their 25/1 odds is probably warranted. The Cardinals added Marcell Ozuna, and have improved their bullpen. The Cardinals have shown as an organization the ability to play well in October. At 25/1 odds, this is definitely a long shot worth looking at. They are talented enough to win games.

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • MLB Odds to Win it All: 25/1

A season ago – the Arizona Diamondbacks got a bit of a piece of postseason play. Albeit, it was not a ton. But, this is a franchise that is not scared of the postseason now. The Diamondbacks can hit, and their pitching just continues to show signs of improvement.

The Diamondbacks could beat the MLB Odds to win it all.

It would be quite a jump for Arizona to win the World Series after 2016 they had, but another talented team. If you are tired of the chalk favorites, take a look at Arizona and take down 25x your money!

Chicago White Sox

MLB Odds to Win it All: 100/1

This is quite the longshot. The Chicago White Sox are already touting winning the World Series coming up in the season 2020. It’s 2018 – and it’s likely too early for the White Sox. But, in the American League, if they can stay healthy and find some luck, making the postseason is something that is not out of the question, Then – from there, you never really know. The 100/1 odds makes it interesting, and of course, you would have to make sure it was a bet that your bankroll could afford. It’s fun to think about, right?

Enjoy the Major League Baseball season. We cannot wait for the season to unfold, and the grind that goes with it. We have placed our bets, and want to make sure you have yours as well. Best of luck with all your Major League Baseball bets, and we hope you enjoyed our look at the 4 Long Shots that Could Beat the Odds in 2018.