A Look at the 2016 MLB Season Odds Win Totals

Posted by Aaron . on March 11, 2016 in

Now that we’re just a few weeks away from the 2016 MLB regular season and spring training games are underway, it’s time to take a look at some of the projections for the total wins for each team. Obviously, it’s a long way to October from here, and the baseball season is the longest marathon of them all, but these can make some fun MLB online bets — and if you have some insights about a particular team (and they can avoid the injury bug), you can make some money.

A Look at the 2016 MLB Season Odds Win Totals



San Francisco Giants (90)

It’s pretty optimistic to set a team’s over/under at 18 games above .500, especially when that team didn’t even qualify for the postseason last year. However, the Giants have added two big names to their pitching staff — Johnny Cueto, the former Reds’ ace who was a big part of the Kansas City Royals’ World Series title, and Jeff Samardzija, who came over from the White Sox. A lot of people think that Samardzija will be a bust, though. I might think about taking the under here, especially given that the Dodgers will be strong and the Diamondbacks added Zack Greinke to their rotation — and they are both in the NL West.

Chicago Cubs (89)

This team overachieved last year — and all they did was load up some more, adding John Lackey to the starting rotation, reuniting Ben Zobrist, the all-around hitter, with his former manager Joe Maddon. They also kept starter Trevor Cahill.

New York Mets (88)

The strong young pitching corps that guided the Mets to the World Series are all back, and the team added Asdrubal Cabrera from Tampa Bay to shore up the middle and kept outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, whose offense was a major catalyst in the Mets’ stretch run.

Now let’s look at the rest of the teams and their over/under totals.

St. Louis Cardinals (87.5)
Kansas City Royals, L.A. Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals (87)
Texas Rangers (86)
Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros (85.5)
Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees (85)
Arizona Diamondbacks (84.5)
Cleveland Indians (84)
L.A. Angels (82.5)
Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, Miami Marlins (80.5)
Tampa Bay Rays (78)
MInnesota Twins (77.5)
Oakland A’s (75.5)
San Diego Padres (74)
Milwaukee Brewers (71.5)
Cincinnati Reds (71)
Colorado Rockies (68.5)
Philadelphia Phillies (66.5)
Atlanta Braves (65)

Obviously, you’ll want to check injury reports from spring training before posting your bets. Also, you’ll want to look at the most recent managerial changes, such as Dusty Baker taking over in Washington, charged with taking the Nationals deep into the postseason, a fate which has up until this point eluded the talented bunch in the nation’s capital. Are Yu Darvish and Derek Holland returning to full strength on the mound in Texas? Is Zack Greinke living up to his potential in Arizona? Is Pedro Sandoval in shape in Boston? All of these are worth considering before you pick a total.