Horses To Bet To Beat Exaggerator In The Belmont Stakes

Posted by Aaron . on June 10, 2016 in

The final jewel of the 2016 Triple Crown is upon us and all eyes are on Preakness Stakes winner Exaggerator, who is installed as an early 2016 Belmont Stakes Odds favorite to win the New York-based race this weekend. Can Exaggerator hold fort as the horseracing betting favorite or will we have a different winner for this third and final leg of the venerated crown? Stay with us shortly as we take you through Exaggerator’s biggest competitor in the 148th Running of the Belmont Stakes.

Horses To Bet To Beat Exaggerator In The Belmont Stakes



Cherry Wine

Using his excellent deep closing skills, Cherry Wine flaunted his speed and tact in the Preakness to finish second behind Exaggerator. With the Belmont Stakes famed for its long course, Cherry Wine will be a must-watch colt, as his training not only allows him to run well in long distances but his strong closing speed will serve as a big advantage when the race comes down to the wire. And as an added advantage, Cherry Wine didn’t participate in the Kentucky Derby, so he will be more rested and come into Belmont with a top shape to go the distance without easily falling a victim to fatigue, unlike Exaggerator who participated in the first two legs of the Triple Crown.


Besides his strong show at the Kentucky Derby, Suddenbreakingnews offers the advantage of switching to a veteran rider in Mike Smith for the Belmont. As a two-time winner in the last six editions of the Belmont Stakes, Smith is well-acquainted with what it takes to ride and win in New York repeatedly. Add to the ample rest Suddenbreakingnews has had after skipping the Preakness, you get a distinguished horse with many upsides to impress in Belmont.


Bragging of being one of the two horses in the Belmont (the other being Destin) that have been trained by award-winning conditioner and America’s top trainer, Todd Pletcher, it doesn’t take a genius to see the value in Stradivari. Not to mention, Stradivari has won two of his last three races in his young career, which should give him the impetus to strive for another win to add to his promising career. Plus, after running a solidly-executed race in the Middle Jewel, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this crunch-timer comes up big and sweeps his competitors for a huge win in New York this Saturday.


Like Stradivari, the Todd Pletcher factor brings a lot of value to Destin’s side. More than that, Destin is among the fastest horses that will be participating in the Belmont Stakes, which could easily translate to a strong start and a strong finish—two key ingredients needed to hack the one-and-a-half mile race in Belmont.

Governor Malibu

If there is a sleeper horse that could easily surprise many bettors at the Belmont as a longshot, it is Governor Malibu. Scoping at the discussions that have been doing rounds in the horseracing online sportsbooks, most bookies and bettors are high on Cherry Wine, Stradivari, Suddenbreakingnews and Destin. What many people don’t know is that Governor Malibu has a lot of big-value pedigree to bring to this race; something that the majority of his competitors, including Exaggerator, can’t compare to. In terms of conditioning, Malibu’s trainer Christophe Clement won the 2014 Belmont Stakes with Tonalist, so the Governor is highly likely to come well-prepped for this race. Additionally, Governor Malibu has been a consistent big-time finisher, coming third or better in all his seven career races, meaning that he should be able to attain a 1, 2 or 3 finish at the Belmont Stakes if history holds true. Last, and notably, this pacey colt is also a strong closer and is well-vast with the Belmont Park after he finished at an impressive second-position in the Peter Pan Stakes. If he can keep up with strong starters at the beginning of the race, Exaggerator and the rest of the field will be in for a surprise.