2016 Preakness Exotic Picks

Posted by Aaron . on May 19, 2016 in

With the 2016 Preakness Stakes coming up this weekend, there is a lot of excitement about Nyquist, the 3-5 favorite to win, taking the second jewel in horse racing’s fabled Triple Crown. American Pharaoh took home the Crown in 2015, but that was the first time that any horse had won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes all in the same year, and there is a lot of excitement around whether Nyquist can pull the feat off again. Find the latest horse racing online betting odds here.

2016 Preakness Exotic Picks



Another exciting way to wager the Preakness is to look at some of the exotic picks — the combinations that can elevate your payday big time. Of course, your risk goes up as well, so the more information you have in front of you, the better.

For the quinella (first and second), a lot of people are likely to go with Nyquist and Exaggerator. That was the 1-2 finish order at the Kentucky Derby, as Exaggerator made a late push and made up almost 18 lengths on Nyquist, only to finish as runner-up. However, don’t overlook Stradivari. If Exaggerator’s rider decides to push him to kick sooner, and Exaggerator ends up wearing out before the finish, then Stradivari has the late finishing speed to slide into that second spot. Collected is an outside possibility to slide into that “Place” (2nd finisher) position as Exaggerator runs out of gas. If you feel confident that the race will go Nyquist-Exaggerator, then you can pick them in an exacta (first and second in order). The quinella just asks you which two horses will finish first, and they can finish in either order. The exacta predicts the order, and brings in a bigger payday.

Trifecta (1st, 2nd and 3rd in order) gets a little trickier — but the precision means that the payday is terrific. You could do a lot worse than Nyquist – Exaggerator – Stradivari here, but there are a lot of experts talking about a Nyquist – Stradivari – Exaggerator finish, because no one knows how Exaggerator will react if he is pushed to start his sprint sooner. The Preakness does take place on the shortest course of the three Triple Crown races, so Exaggerator should not run out of gas, but you never know.

The superfecta (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in order) would go Nyquist – Exaggerator – Stradivari – Collected if you follow the odds. There are a ton of horses grouped at 20-1 and 30-1, and there is not a lot of consensus as to which ones are more promising “dark” horses. There are some who think Collected is going to be faster than Stradivari, so that third and fourth slot could switch.