2016 Belmont Stakes Betting Picks

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On Saturday, June 11th, this year’s Preakness Stakes winner Exaggerator will lead a short but excellent field of horses in search of the final jewel of the 2016 Triple Crown. Below is a brief look at our top betting picks for the 2016 Preakness Stakes Odds.

2016 Belmont Stakes Betting Picks



Best Belmont Stakes 2016 Favorite Picks:

Exaggerator: The son of Curlin has outdone himself in the Triple Crown so far, finishing second in the Kentucky Derby and first in the Preakness Stakes, making him the horse to beat in the Belmont Stakes 2016 Odds. Notably, though, the last year’s standout Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, is the only Belmont Stakes winner of the last ten years to have run in both the Derby and the Preakness, as fatigue from the first two races often allows other better-rested colts to run better. Exaggerator will thus have to run a hellish race if he is to upset the tough odds against him.

Suddenbreakingnews: After his nice showing at the Derby, there is good reason to believe that Suddenbreakingnews will give a good effort at the Belmont. The fact that his team switched to veteran rider Mike Smith, who has won two of the last six editions of Belmont, also bodes very well for him. It, however, remains to be seen if Suddenbreakingnews will be able to matchup to other horses, especially if the race starts fast and other races surge far ahead of him in this long-distance battle.

Stradivari: While there is strong value in Cherry Wine, who finished second to Exaggerator at Preakness after missing in Kentucky, we happen to believe that the Todd Pletcher-trained Stradivari is a better value pick for the Belmont Stakes. Apart from knowing how to pick up the pace at crunch time, just like Cherry Wine, Stradivari is a talented horse with enough experience to lope along other competitors in middle-to-long races, as was showcased in his very good race in the Middle Jewel. With that in mind, we strongly believe he can put on another impressive—if not winning—showing at Belmont Park.

Best Belmont Stakes 2016 Sleeper Picks

Destin: Having not run for eight weeks before the Derby, and then deciding to sit out of the Preakness, Destin will arguably be the most-rested colt with at a tip-top shape in Belmont; something that is likely to work to his favor in this race. Look for his speed to cause problems in Belmont, especially if he can use his pace to stay close with the rest until late in race.

Lani: Having finished decently in the Derby and Preakness, Lani could be a real danger to his American counterparts on Saturday. His conditioning is reportedly suited best for long distances, so the 12 furlongs in Belmont could easily allow him to give his best ever performance of the Triple Crown.

Best Belmont Stakes 2016 Longshot Picks

Creator: Keeping in mind that a lot of really good horses tend to get lost in the crowd at the Derby hence not running their absolute best; I’d be willing to Creator a shot to make some magic at Belmont. Without the fastest of paces in the field, it won’t be easy to match up to some of his speedy counterparts. But then again, Belmont is a long race that favors stamina than speed, and last I checked, Creator has plenty of strength to surprise bettors with a solid race this weekend.

Governor Malibu: The biggest advantage in the Governor’s favor is the fact that he has showcased the pedigree to hang with the best and run well in long distances. More importantly, this NY-bred colt will be running in a homely New York and history shows that he’s been seemingly getting better with every race, so Belmont could be the long shot chance for him to come up big.

My Recommended 2016 Belmont Stakes Betting Picks

  • Best Favorite: Suddenbreakingnews
  • Best Sleeper: Destin
  • Best Longshot: Creator

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