Betting on 2016 Belmont Stakes Exacta Picks

Posted by Aaron . on June 10, 2016 in

So, you’ve done your research and you’ve narrowed down your 2016 Belmont Stakes odds to two possible winners, but can’t seem to pick one winner. Frustrating, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be… Horseracing betting has an option called Exacta betting, where all you have to do is to pick the first two winners in a race, with the only catch being that you give the exact order in which you believe the two will finish the race– hence the name exacta.

And that is not all you stand to benefit from exacta betting (also known at some tracks as the perfecta); this attractive betting proposition can easily pay you a substantially huge amount of money than in the usual method of picking one winner. For instance, while a normal bet on one horse to win a race may pay $100 for a $40 bet, the exacta wagering option can pay thrice or even ten times the amount you’ve staked, depending on the horses selected for the two exacta slots. Does that sound like something you’d love to try in the upcoming 2016 Belmont Stakes betting this Saturday? If so, feel free to share into the 2016 Belmont Stakes Exacta Picks we’ve prepared for you below.

Betting on 2016 Belmont Stakes Exacta Picks



The exacta could reward you bountifully if you decide to leave out the Exaggerator, the odds-on Belmont Stakes favorite whose fatigue is likely to cost him a win this Sunday. If you are looking for good betting value, you are better off picking from the remaining contestants.

Personally, I’d recommend Cherry Wine as the key horse to start the exacta. Cherry Wine’s second-place finish in the Preakness exhibited speed and skillfulness that could come in handy in Belmont. The pace in New York this Saturday could be faster than many people anticipate, considering we have a field of fast horses like Destin and Stradivari. But even if the race turns out to be relatively slow, it shouldn’t be a problem for Cherry Wine, who can sit around 3 to 4 lengths off the leading pack, before using his closing speed to finish of the race down the stretch.

After Cherry Wine, my next exacta picks would be Suddenbreakingnews, Stradivari, Governor Malibu, Destin and Creator. Suddenbreakingnews will be ridden by Mike Smith, a veteran jockey who is familiar with the Belmont track in New York, giving him a slight edge over other riders. Add that to the bust of speed towards the end of the race, which saw him finish fifth in the Derby, the stage couldn’t be set any better for a huge performance by Suddenbreakingnews.

Stradivari is pretty much similar to Cherry Wine in most aspects, particularly in regards to his ability to finish races strongly. Destin is another interesting horse, endowed with strong running skills over mid-range to long-distance courses. And above the rest of the competitors, Stradivari and Destin are from the venerated Todd Pletcher’s barn, meaning they should both come well-prepared for the rather familiar task in Belmont. As a concern, though, both horses tend to expend a lot of energy at the start and mid-way through their races, which could cost them some energy and stamina needed for strong finishes in the long track in New York.

Governor Malibu is a bit of a long shot, but a dangerous one at that. He has been seemingly getting better with each race and is yet to finish worse than No. 3 in his entire career, so he could actually be better than all the horses listed above. Creator isn’t the among the fastest horses in this field, but his calculated speed and his ability to sustain a good pace over a long distance could play right into the money lines of the lengthy Belmont track.

By omitting the overhyped Exaggerator out of the exacta, this bet should be able to pay off handsomely at appealing odds. A good number of horses are available on the betting boards, but I am not enamored by them. Plus, the above picks are more than enough for you to tailor your bets accordingly and cash in huge on a winning exacta ticket.