League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Summer Split - June 10 matches

eSports Betting: League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Summer Split – June 10 matches

Written by on June 9, 2020

In this League of Legends esports betting preview, we will focus on two fixtures, slated for Wednesday, June 10, when we will see Royal Never Give Up chase their second win of the split against ViCi Gaming, followed by a meeting between Suning and the reigning LPL champions JD Gaming. Let’s get right into action so you can place your bets against their League of Legends odds.

League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Summer Split – June 10 matches

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Summer Split has only just begun, but we already got to see a handful of exciting matches featuring some of the strongest Chinese League of Legends team. Suning picked up an upset 2-1 in over Team WE and 2-0 over LNG on day one, while Royal Never Give Up completely decimated Oh My God to being their journey into the new season on the right foot.

ViCi Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up – Wednesday, June 10, 17:00 CST/2:00 PDT

Royal Never Give Up picked up a dominant 2-0 win over Oh My God in the opening week of the split and will now look to take down ViCi Gaming to extend their winning record to two in a row. ViCi, on the other side, started their journey into 2020 LPL Summer with a win over Bilibili Gaming on Sunday (2-0) and will enter this match with the same goal in mind.

Ahead of this split, RNG made a couple of roster changes, while ViCi made only one. In May Royal Never Give Up picked up Tian “New” Zhi-Peng as their new top laner and while there were many questions regarding how New will fit into the team, he has already left a positive mark in RNG’s opening match of the split.

New ended RNG’s clash with OMG with 27.0 KDA and 64.3% KPAR which is far above what we expected to see, however, he did face OMG who are not a particularly strong team. His first true test will come this Wednesday when he meets with Dai “Cube” Yi who had a very solid game against Bilibili Gaming. ViCi, on the other side, picked up jungler Lu “Leyan” Jue, who still has a lot to prove, but he is arguably a massive addition for ViCi and a huge upgrade for ViCi’s former jungler Lee “Chieftain” Jae-yub.

Royal Never Give Up are entering this match as heavy favourites, which does not seem right to us. While they’re a strong team, RNG are not the same powerhouse they were years ago. Additionally, this team has yet to fix their main problem form last season, which is a lack of a proper shot-caller, while ViCi fixed their problem (poor jungler) with the signing of Leyan. RNG are still a decent team, but until we see them perform against a proper top-eight team, betting on ViCi is in our books the best bet to take.

Prediction: ViCi Gaming to win

Suning vs JD Gaming – Wednesday, June 10, 19:00 CST/4:00 PDT

Suning are entering this match looking to extend their LPL Summer record to 3-0, albeit Xiang “Angel” Tao and co. know well the upcoming fixture won’t be a walk in the park, as they get ready to face the reigning LPL champions. Looking back, Suning began their journey into the LPL Summer with a commanding 2-0 win over LNG Gaming, to which they added an upset 2-1 win against Team WE. Much of Suning’s success comes down to the impressive performance from their top laner Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin, who is entering the second competitive week with 20.0 KDA and 71.4 KPAR.

Although Suning impressed many with their performances in Week 1, it’s difficult to believe they have the needed quality to defeat JD Gaming. As mentioned, JD Gaming are the 2020 LPL Spring champions, which is a title that does not come easy. They proved to be a level above all other Chinese teams last split and it’s difficult to imagine they will struggle against a team that ended the last split at 11th place. Having said that, Suning have shown a lot of improvement in the final weeks of LPL Spring and played like a proper playoffs team in Week 1, so they might not be as bad as the odds suggest.

This match will be played at the start of the new split, which often results in very volatile results. Many titans have fallen in the opening matches of the split and if Suning can enter this match with the same fire they have shown on Sunday, they just might upset the ring-rusty JD Gaming and solidify themselves as playoffs contenders.

Prediction: Suning +1.5 maps