League of Legends LDL Spring 2020 – April 15 matches

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League of Legends LDL Spring 2020 – April 15 matches

87 vs WZ Esports Club – Tuesday, April 14 – 16:00 CST (Beijing)

This will mark WZ Esports Club’s first appearance in the Legends Development League (LDL), after the Chinese organisation acquired a spot from D7G Esports Club in the offseason. The team is assembled from some lesser-known players outside of top-laner Tao “Mine” Jun who enjoyed a short stint with JD Gaming last year and seems like he will be the win-condition for his squad. Given that Mine is the man to beat this game, we have to look at who he will be facing and it will be no other than a rookie Liu “Pidgey” Yang-Bo.

Pidgey’s first appearance in a competitive environment came at LDL Scrims League 2020, where he played one match and helped 87 pocket a 2-0 win over Royal Club. In the said match, Pidgey looked solid in game one on Ornn, and saw some success on Jayce in game two. Although his favourable pick against the opposing top laner played a part in his strong performance, he also received some help from his jungler, which suggests 87 are playing through top lane. We did not see 87 play any other games this season, but if the strategy they have shown against Royal Club is anything to go by, they should stack up nicely with WE Esports Club.

Prediction: 87 to win

Triumphant Song Gaming vs Invictus Gaming Young – Tuesday, April 14 – 16:00 CST (Beijing)

Invictus Gaming Young were one of the strongest LDL teams last season and looking at their roster moves, they should be just as dominant this year if not more. What’s more, Zhang “zs” Shuai’s decision to return to the top lane is another positive in our books as Luo “Captain” Fei-Yang is surely a better fit for the mid lane. Other than that, the departure of jungler Zhao “Penguin” Shuai is somewhat worrying, however, with three junglers on the roster, IGY should find a solid replacement for him. TS Gaming, on the other side made a lot of roster changes in February and now field a completely new team. That is not that big of an issue, especially with the arrival of ex-LGD Gaming top laner Guo “shupian” Yu-Tong, however, the departure of coach Su “X1ri” Ze-Hao might be a problem, considering he has been at the helm of the team for over two years and played a pivotal role in the team’s success.

It’s the first game of the season so it can really go both ways, but we like IGY better. Not only do they have significantly better coaching personnel, IGY are also known for fostering some of the best young LoL talents in the LDL.

Prediction: Invictus Gaming Young to win

LinGan e-Sports vs Legend Esport Gaming – Tuesday, April 14 – 18:00 CST (Beijing)

The reigning LDL champions Legend Esport Gaming are set to clash with LinGan e-Sports in what is billed as a one-sided bout and for all the right reasons.

In the off-season, LinGan e-Sports lost two promising players in Wang “Spunk” Zhi-Peng and Li “qianxun” Xing-Ja to eStar.Y, while their main ADC Long “Jz” Hang left for Victorious Gaming. The only positive change at this team was the arrival of support Li “Chelly” Yu-Zhou, who previously played under Oh My Godin the LPL. He might add some quality to the bot lane, but Legend Esport Gaming rarely played through the bot lane last year and it’s hard to expect that will change this year. They also signed the former ViCi Gaming top laner Tian “New” Zhi-Peng, so you can be sure Legend Esport Gaming are set to put significantly more pressure to the upper part of the map where LinGan e-Sports seem to lack any quality players.

Prediction: Legend Esport Gaming to win

Suning-S vs All Combo – Tuesday, April 14 – 18:00 CST (Beijing)

All Combo, a newly formed team are set to enter their maiden LDL league this Wednesday when they will face off against Suning’s Academy team. Looking at All Combo’s roster, it’s assembled from a couple of rookies and ex-Scorpio Game members. Given that most of their players played under Scorpio Game before, All Combo will have a lot of established synergy from the get-go, which is a highly undervalued factor in these low-tier competitions.

Suning-S, on the other side went crazy with signings in the offseason, when they brought in five new members, which brings their roster to 12 members. Although they surely won’t have any issues assembling a five-man roster, it’s highly unlikely Suning-S will manage to find a proper five-man roster anytime soon. With so many players, we can expect a long testing period, where the team will experiment with new players, which should result in some shaky performances at least in the early stages of the league.

Looking at the quality of the players, this match can easily go both ways, but we are not too keen on the 12-man roster at Suning-S, which is why All Combo and their established syhergy come off as a safer pick here.

Prediction: All Combo to win